What Do You Think About David Archuleta’s Moves?

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@davidarchuleta), talking about his time in the UK on tour with McFly, getting to see The Fray perform in London, and becoming addicted to Twitter. The ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up writes:

So we had our show today in Croydon, and I felt really good tonight. I always wonder what people must be thinking watching me move lol, but I think the less you’re concerned about how strange people must think you look up on stage, the more you can just let go and get into the song. I’m trying to let myself get into that mind set more, and it’s been working :). But anyway, after I was finished performing my set, they were telling me to pack up my stuff immediately because we had to go somewhere. It was with one of the promoters of the show, so I was assuming we were going to have dinner or something. When we got to our destination, we were actually in Camden Town area. I recognized it from when I went there yesterday haha. We got to the doors, and they handed me a pass with The Fray on it. I was shocked! I had no idea they were playing in London, and that I’d even be able to go see them lol. They were great, and their music is really passionate and striking live.

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One thought on “What Do You Think About David Archuleta’s Moves?

  1. Jasmine says:

    David has been working on his “moves” and it is indeed working! ;)
    Glad he got to go do something fun- boy’s been working his arse off for quite some time now.

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