What Happened To The Saving Jane Family In 2008

Saving Jane 'Girl Next Door'

Marti Dodson of Saving Jane checked in with fans on the Columbus, Ohio pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@savingjane) on Tuesday (December 23). Dodson writes:

So I keep getting the annual Christmas card “this is what happened to our family this year” letters and I had a little laugh thinking about what it would look like if I wrote one for Saving Jane…something like this, I think…

Hello friends and family members! We can’t believe that another year has flown by, and my, has it kept us busy! In February, our youngest son Jeremy left home and got a fabulous new job working with computers…while we miss having him around the stage, we are so proud of our little man! In light of Jeremy’s departure, most of you know that we’ve adopted a new bass player…we named him Eric. Okay, his real parents named him Eric. But we like to think we had something to do with it. Eric fit right in to our little family and quickly became thick as thieves with his brothers Brandon and Dak…silly little fellas stay up late at night all the time…you know how it is with kids!

As most of you know, in April, I gave birth to a three minute, three second long baby I named “Supergirl”. It was amazing to watch her grow and change throughout the spring and summer…she made some fabulous new friends in Nastia Liukin, Danica Patrick, and Warner Brothers, and our gal was on national tv a number of times! Though conceived in Sweden, she quickly became an American girl all the way…and although many of you thought she didn’t look anything like me, I can see me all over when I look at her chorus, and even a little in her verses…

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