What I Think It Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Contributed by nsyncgurl11388:

You all watched it or you all read about it. “THE EXPOSURE OF JANET JACKSON’S BOOB BY *NSYNC STAR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.” But that was not the only part of the halftime show that J was involved in that disgusted me. Rubbing up against Janet, yeah that’s gross. Why people dance like that, I don’t understand. It seems today in this industry that’s how everyone dances. So many artists claim to be one type of person and live another type of life, for example:

Take Jessica Simpson. A beautiful girl, from the same state I am, she has a father who was a former minister. She vowed to be a virgin till she was married, hey more power to her (shoot I plan to do the same,) but that seems to be the only Christian part of her I see. Her “sexy” video sweetest sin involved her to be pretty much naked, with husband nick Lachey all over her. I mean I am glad they are in love but save that for the bedroom, don’t do it in front of people and don’t make a video of it. And the language she uses is just not the type she should use.

And day after day article after article it gets harder to defend Justin. Because I will admit that he has a big head without *NSYNC, and I pray that when he gets back in the studio with JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris that one of them will slap him in line. Set him straight, make him the gentleman he was. Don’t get me wrong I will be an *NSYNC fan until the day I die, and I love Justin’s solo music too. And I think JC said it Best in his latest interview with AOL. That Justin saying what he has done, as a solo artist was 5 times better than what he did with *NSYNC, that what ever you are doing at the time, music wise, is always going to be 5 times better because you do better every time you go back in the studio. (That is not the exact quote, but that is the basis of it.)

And all the Backstreet Boys fans are going to start commenting, saying “Oh, an *NSYNC fan hates Justin Timberlake. And admits he is big headed.” Well I don’t hate him, but I will say that I am ready to read about something other than how he rubbed against Janet. And I do think that the Backstreet Boys would be a lot more torn apart right now if it wasn’t for Kevin. (Yes I like the BSB, I just prefer *NSYNC over them.)

Every group naturally has there problems and right now for *NSYNC it is Justin. And for the BSB not to long ago it was AJ. And they overcame it, just like *NSYNC will overcome Justin’s lack of Christian behavior.

Well I now I left something I wanted to say out but there it is my opinion. So let the bashing/hating begin. –Monica

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