What If You Were Earth?

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonreeves) on Sunday (December 7), talking metaphorically about the post industrial era world. The Iowa City singer songwriter asks readers:

What if tiny little beings began building miniature metropolises on your body? Multiplying into millions. Sticking structures into your skin. Painting you with pavement. Posting signs and sins. Drawing lines to trap themselves within. Trash that’s spit into the sky until it sinks and spills again. What if they laid freeways connecting like strange exterior veins? Littered them with modern machines. Meant to translate the pending pain. Turned the ride into a race and pushed it till it went insane. Would you sit serene and still beneath? Or would you shake the ground with rage? Would you leave them to their self-destruction… even if it spread beyond into your blood? Brought with breathing through your lungs? What if when their souls were dead and gone the rubble wiped away like dust..? If the only evidence of their existence were the rusted remnants of their lonely love? Floating like spirits in the sky above…

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