What Is The Deal With Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’?

Contributed anonymously:

Everyone made it seem like ‘Beautiful’ was such a ground breaking song and I really don’t see how. I hear so many fans say “her message in the song was something that everyone can relate to and it was so touching”….did you happen to read the credits of that song? didn’t write ANY of the lyrics, or ANY of the music. Linda Perry did. Second of all, the song had very simple lyrics, they weren’t very deep or unusual. “You are beautiful no matter what they say” that is a very common phrase. People made such a big deal about this song, and I don’t get why. The lyrics weren’t strong and they weren’t written by her, and it didn’t show half of her vocal ability.

There have been SO many songs with that SAME message in it. It is a typical “don’t let others bring you down” song that has been done for decades. So I just don’t get the deal with this song at all. I personally liked her song ‘I Turn To You’ over ‘Beautiful’. It was stronger vocally and not the best lyrics but it was a hell of a lot less corny and cliche. In fact I loved that song come to think of it. Well anyway that’s all I have to say.

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