‘What More Can I Give’ To Finally Be Released

‘What More Can I Give,’ the charity anthem produced to benefit the victims of 9/11, will finally be released. Jackson has cut a deal with Clear Channel to broadcast it on all of its radio stations. Listeners will also be able to download the piece, with the proceeds going to charity. The music video will be shown at the Radio Music Awards Monday night in Las Vegas, broadcast live on NBC.

Jackson Loves ‘Kid Notorious’

October 23, 2003 – Robert Evans told ‘Extra’ that he has had private screenings of his new animated show ‘Kid Notorious’ for his close friends like Jack Nicholson and Michael Jackson, and so far, they all love it. Evans says, “ was here twice to see it. He laughed, and wanted to see it again he laughed so hard.”

New Orleans-Based Firm To Create Jacko’s New Website

October 22, 2003 – Bayou Buzz reports New Orleans-based Web Consulting firm, Out the Box Web Productions, LLC has been hired to redesign Michael Jackson’s website. MichaelJackson.com will be launched November 17th, in conjunction with his new single release ‘One More Chance’. A Fan Club website will launch with the new album, ‘Number Ones’, in December.

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7 thoughts on “‘What More Can I Give’ To Finally Be Released

  1. Jerseline says:

    I heard the song a while back. I even sent the article that KTU had played the song exclusively for a while here on popdirt. It’s great! I can’t wait to see the video, and the roster is like the Spanish all star Olympics, as of two years ago, so I can forgive the Juanes omission. and the other one, in English. Celine and Mariah on the same song? like Mya would say, since she’s also on it, whoa!

  2. jzizzy says:

    It’s a really pretty song, so kudos to MJ. He’s trying to do some good, so let him be. And how smart is he? Clear Channel has a virtual monopoly on the radio market – he goes directly to Clear Channel. The man never ceases to amaze me.

  3. MistySl says:

    Now, kittens, you know Michael Jackson is Wacko, who would have a benefit birthday party, charge guest $5,000 a piece and only give $1,000 to charity. Everything this freak does, is a publicity stunt to help his sagging career. He’s a freak. I met him in person and he’s just as scary in person as he is in video. The song is “We Are the World”, part II, and it’s a nice little thought, but I guarantee the money will be right a Neverland in the end.

  4. jzizzy says:

    Actually, he didn’t throw himself a birthday party and charge $5,000. You need to learn how to read better. He had a birthday party that was thrown BY HIS FANS, that cost nowhere near $5,000 and then he had an art show charity fundraiser at Neverland that cost 5 grand to get in, but three different charities got 1 grand each from each ticket sold. The remaining money was to cover costs. And guess what, I’ve met him, too and he’s definitely not scary looking. Yeah, the nose is weird, but he looks almost normal. Get off the hate and go do something less pathetic with your time.

  5. clayfan says:

    Nobody give a crap about Michael Jackson any longer. He’s a child-molesting FREAK. I know what more he can give — he can give us a freaking BREAK and fall off the radar. MistySl: You MET him?! How creepy was THAT??!! How white is he? How fake is his wig? What shade of lipstick did he put onto his surgically altered mouth?

    … about how embarrassing it is to sue his fake wife for spousal abuse. Michael Jackson brokered and paid for the “wedding” to Liza Minelli. How embarrassing.

  6. cancrojcve says:

    Can anybody tell me (with out bad words) something?… The song will be the original one???… or after he left Sony he edited the song?… because as far as I know Sony still has the rights of the song. Please tell me!! thanks

  7. Kizzardkid says:

    I have the song, I downloaded it a long time ago, the song is very original, it has a great message, but to be very honest, with all the great voices on one track, the song sucks, if you ever heard it live from that 9/11 concert, that is probably way better than the recorded track. To me its just really boring and not impressive. Michael used certain artist more when they all should of had the same amount of singing time. Also, Michael can not sing anymore, he’s too high pitched, very sissy like. Well I hope I helped.

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