What Should An Artist Be?

After reading the last and essay posted here on Popdirt, I felt that I had to say something about it. First of all, everybody is sick of hearing that I’m a Britney fan. But I have got myself wondering loads of time: Why, I mean, why am I such a big fan of hers after all those stupid (some were REALLY stupid) things she has done? Well, my admiration for Britney is beyond any concepts of talent and veneration.

As a fan – a truly fan – I have already heard and seen Britney’s mother and friends saying over and over again: she’s got what she fighted for. All her drive and persistence led her to the top of the world. Unlike some people think, it is not that easy… I mean, you don’t wake up one morning, record and album, break out at number 1, sell millions of copies and start dating an *NSYNC guy. That doesn’t exist. It’s not like playing the lottery and it’s not a matter of luck. Britney worked so hard for this. She sacrificed her childhood to become a professional dancer, she faced the challenges of being born in such a small town and having so many financial problems. And she’s got what she always dreamed of – being a star like Madonna. And she really did it. But if that is a good thing or not, each of you decide.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it was nice of her to make fun of a holy sacred thing – the marriage – and get married only for the sake of it. Why should I think that was okay? Or why should I awe her for touching herself onstage? Or dressing like a Pussycat to sing “Happy Birthday” to her brother? I really don’t. All those things were so nasty. But it just makes me see that Britney – as well as Christina and any other teenage girl – is a consequence of the society she lives in. A society that despises the marriage, that praises artists for walking onstage half-dressed and for inciting girls to promiscuity and “getting Dirrty”, a society that judges you all the time, that surpasses the limits of decency and treat these girls as objects, selling their image, reducing them to nothing but a sexualized being.

And here we are – I mean – here I am, surfing the net just to hear a little bit about them, just to see a new picture, just to read a new gossip, just to vote for their videos. I don’t awe them (I’m far from being a Christina fan but I’m not going to deny her talent or Grammy awards or whatever because if she got them, she deserved them) for how they behave or not because we make mistakes. Britney and Christina are still human beings, even though not treated like one, they are like you and me. And you and I make mistakes all the time. But there’s a slight tiny difference between us and them: while our mistakes may be corrected, theirs can’t. They just become the headlines of every American newspaper and magazine.

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