What To Make Of Britney’s Strip Tease In Election Year

Danny Goldberg, former manager of Nirvana and author of ‘Dispatches From the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit’, spoke with Mark Guarino of the Daily Herald about the controversy surrounding ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ in light of the current indecency debates in Congress in the so-called “culture war.” Goldberg says, “There are people who feel the moralities of the country are damaged by what they consider to be vulgar … and there are other people who feel a free marketplace of ideas is more moral.” James Webster, professor of communication studies at Northwestern University, added, “In an election year you’ve got congressmen who are only too happy to pander to that electorate. So you’re seeing a lot of breast-beating. Here, the media is basically caving in to pressure and I suspect that, particularly after the elections, a lot of this will blow over.”

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