Whatever People Say, Britney Spears Rocked

Contributed anonymously:

Ok so I know what everyone will be saying about ’ Onyx Hotel concert last night in Wembley… she was miming, blah, blah, blah! But whatever people say, that girl can put on a really good show. I understand that maybe miming isn’t the “ideal” of what a pop singer should be, but isn’t the ideal also being able to dance and keep a crowd of 12,000 entertained for over two hours?

I was sitting in the VIP area on stage left and believe me, Britney gave it her all the whole time. I think she was really worried about how she would be perceived over here, but I think she should realize that she has just as much of a following in Europe as America.

The show was amazing and such a great direction (Much more interesting than other singers that will stand on stage for hours warbling on and on…take note !)

I think it was a great show with a universal crowd – maybe moms should avert their children’s eyes during a couple of numbers – but that aside the show was so diverse throughout and showed Britney’s talent through a whole range of music genres.

If you haven’t got a ticket, I urge you to pick one up fast. This show should not be missed.

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