What’s It About Christina Aguilera?

Contributed Anonymously:

Recently I been noticing ’s new image, and the only thing I can think about is—um, okay? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool that she’s trying to have fun with her image and her style, not only with her clothing but also with her music. But doesn’t anyone get the feeling that she’s trying too hard? What’s up with the whole Marilyn Monroe meets Betty Boop image? Haven’t we seen that from her before? Sometimes I wonder why she always has to flaunt the whole burlesque/ Marilyn Monroe image. In my opinion, it’s coming off as being redundant, predictable, boring, and just extremely campy (from what I’ve seen from a clip of her new music video). I’m glad that she’s still being cool and raunchy, but sometimes I think she puts more attention in her image than her music, which is a shame, because her voice is pretty decent, but nothing spectacular. She tends to over sing A LOT. A whole lot actually. She can obviously sing the high notes, but she over sings and belts them out so much that the songs tend to lack emotion. She seems to care more about showing off how high she can sing a few notes than just singing with emotion. In other words, she’s a bit over the top to me. Tries so hard to portray so many things in her image (Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, campy burlesque hoochy mama, dirrty girl meets glamour Hollywood) and tries so hard to over sing that it seems like she’s shouting in between the song. It just doesn’t work for me. I like Xtina, but something about her just turns me off. No originality needs to do something different, and maybe let her voice be more of the focus than this burlesque thing she’s flaunting (again).

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2 thoughts on “What’s It About Christina Aguilera?

  1. Tania says:

    Agree completely! Christina is very talented vocally, but she oversings so much I can’t listen more than 4-5 songs of her latest album ‘Back to Basics’. This shouting is deafening me! You can’t relax listening to her. She does have a strong voice, OK we’ve noticed that already, but somebody should really show her how to work it in the right way.

    I also agree that she is indeed trying too hard to be sexy so that it looks dirty. I noticed that since ‘Stripped’ era, it comes across as unnatural, you can just see she’s not like that, it’s a mask. She was very sweet though in ‘Geenie in a bottle’. I don’t know why she wants to be like so many people at once, what is she trying to prove?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Every artist has there own style of singing, and the runs and riffs and high notes she does is just her. I’ve been listening to Christina since i was five, and i never thought of it as over singing because that’s what makes her distinct and according to rolling stones she has one of the best voices of the generation. raunchy, dirty,pretty, glam or whatever she is who she is, judge it or not.

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