When Is The Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Wedding?

Us Weekly reports that while rumors suggest and Ben Affleck will get married on 13 and 14 in Hawaii, a source close to Lopez disputes the timeline. “It will happen soon,” the source said.” But a pal of Affleck’s added, “Definitely in the next two months.” Meanwhile, they quote Affleck responding to whether he minds being always asked about her joking, “It’s better than being asked, ‘Where’s Matt Damon?'”

And Richard Gere On The Line This Week

August 31, 2003 – The Chicago Sun-Times hears that Jennifer and Richard Gere will be rolling into the Windy City on Wednesday through Friday to film scenes in ‘Shall We Dance’. Gere’s businessman character reportedly spots Lopez’s character giving dance lessons in a building from his perch on an L train, but word is mum on which train they’ll be filming from.

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4 thoughts on “When Is The Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Wedding?

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Who really cares when these two are getting married? Who knows if it’s gonna last anyway, and if Jennifer Lopez is serious about having a real marriage anyways, since like after her weddings, she divorces few months later.

  2. Carrie says:

    These two should drop the wedding talk because we know it’s never going to happen, so enough all ready. They’ve been talking marriage for a year now. Anyways, what woman in her right man would marry a man that is out cheating on her left and right. She didn’t marry Diddy and she won’t marry Ben. Next.

  3. bella89 says:

    But really, where is Matt Damon?

  4. OohSexxy says:

    I’m tired of these two media whores!! J.lo is bad for Ben’s career just like puffy was bad for hers, but in fact he helped blow her ass up! She’s still marrying that loser? She’s gonna look like a fool whether she marries him or not. You can’t be in love 4 times and actually know what love is she’s a fool for love

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