Where Will Our Divas Be In The Future?

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Divas come and go with the tides, there are always Divas that disappear (Whitney is where again) and of course Divas are always popping up. So this is where the top 10 Divas of the moment will be in the future:

1. Mariah Carey – The Number One Selling Female Artist of All Time will be making number one hits until the end of time, even when she dies, DJs will be remixing her tunes as a tribute and to get a name for themselves. She will sell another 160 million albums world wide, have at least another 15 number 1 singles and make a good film that will show off her acting skills, that I’m sure she has somewhere and she will surpass people who have tried to pull her down like j-lo, she’s already taken down Tommy Mottola, well actually the failure of his new wife has done that. Also Mariah will reach the age of 50 and realize that a gold bikini to an award ceremony probably isn’t appropriate and start wearing the gowns that she looks fabulous in more often.

2. Britney Spears – Will continue to be sexy and produce brilliant songs, unfortunately her voice won’t improve, but her songs will stay the same level of brilliance they always have done and her dance moves will only get even better. Also that ugly troll she married will leave her and take half her money, but it’s her fault for being such a Jessica and not making him sign a pre-nup.

3. Jennifer Lopez – Probably get divorced and married a couple more times, hopefully not have any kids! Will try to bring out some more albums and singles but unfortunately for her Mariah has caught on that Jennifer Lopez steals her songs, so J.Lo won’t be up to the usual standard anymore and she’ll just become an actress, because although she has no talent she is beautiful and loved dearly.

4. Christina Aguilera – Will continue to copy Britney and say that she’s trying not to, but her albums and songs will be good, she just hopefully will get plastic surgery bless her, out of her and Britney, Xtina got the talent but Brits definitely got the looks.

5. Madonna – Will stop making songs and retire with her toy boy and children, enjoy life, wealth and England with the people she loves.

6. Beyonce – Will stop bringing out awful songs from her solo “career” and go back to Destiny Child forever, until people will realize she can’t sing and the press will find out she’s really a man, in fact she’s really Jay-Z with a wig on.

7. Avril Lavigne – Who?

8. Janet Jackson – Will stop doing stupid publicity stunts and realize she is her brother Michael!!!

9. Jessica Simpson – Nick will divorce her, because he is really gay and only married her for the publicity, her and her little sister will die in a car accident and the world will have a special ceremony called dedicated to them and Mariah Carey will sing “Thank God Found You”

10. Anastasia – Will find out that her record company have been using a man’s voice over hers, she will be upset and leave her record company and start making the good old songs she used to sing before she thought she was grunge bless her.

If I missed anyone out, then obviously they are not that good, or not that bad (because Beyonce is on there) and don’t blame me if you don’t like the outcome of our Divas, but it’s the truth this is what will happen.

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