While We Are Hot On The Mariah Carey Subject

Contributed by a_rod221:

Let me start by saying this bull is getting out of hand with and her dis-likers and yes even some fans! First off dis-likers dont waste your time with Mariah and you wanting to prove the point of she isn’t the #1 it person anymore, I respect your decisions and trust me we are aware of what we need to be aware of! Fans you need to learn that if you do not retaliate and just leave the haters alone they get bored and leave the whole debate to rest cause no one is there to root them on and give them the stamina they need to proceed!

So lets just let everyone do there thing and leave them alone! So stop hating on Mariah cause she is a legend and has had more fame then stars see in there whole lifetime at the age of 32 she is a legend! and although she is not #1 anymore she is still hanging on to a far from torn rope and she is still a success so let her and her fans be!

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