Whitney Houston And Mariah Carey’s Comeback Bids

Evelyn McDonnell of the Miami Herald profiled the comeback efforts of diva singers and Whitney Houston, and their tabloid-like TV appearances. Island has been savvy in its efforts to restore Carey’s credibility, as Island president Jerry Blair explained, “We went out across the country in major markets and met programmers. People got to see the honest and warm side of Mariah.” Blender magazine’s Craig Marks said of Whitney’s bid for a comeback: “Whitney still scares. America likes a comeback, but America doesn’t like a freak show. We like drama with a small `d.'”

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One thought on “Whitney Houston And Mariah Carey’s Comeback Bids

  1. Thomas/ London/ UK says:

    I could not agree more. While Mariah has proven over and over again her great approach and attitude towards work, Whitney disappoints with no-shows and rehab tours. Mariah has learnt from her flops while Whitney seems to curse them and dwell on them. WHITNEY WAKE UP! You need a speedy come-back and it better be P.H.I.E.R.C.E.!

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