Whitney Houston Interview Preview

ABC’s ‘Primetime’ previewed a few clips of Diane Sawyer’s interview with Whitney Houston, which will broadcast on December 4th. Asked about her shockingly thin appearance on Michael Jackson’s CBS concert special, she said, “Yeah, my bones, yeah. I’m 5’6″ and thin.” Read on for a transcript.

Diane: And then — whitney houston. Ready to sit down and finally
answer the tough questions.

Diane: The headlines were saying, whitney is dying.

Whitney: No, whitney was dead.

Diane: We’ve seen her in the movies. But for the last decade, whitney
houston’s life has been plagued by scandal and mystery. What about all
the rumors? Bizarre behavr, cancelations. Well, whitney houston finally
shows up. Everybody watching this is going to be staring at you, physically.

Whitney: Yeah.

Diane: And they’re going to be saying, “how thin is she now?”

Whitney: Yeah.

Diane: Is she sick and how sick is she? The michael jackson vh1 appearance.

Whitney: Didn’t I fit right in.

Diane: You’ve seen the picture. I’m going to show you the picture.

Whitney: Okay.

Diane: The bones.

Whitney: Yeah, my bones, yeah. I’m 5’6″ and thin.

Diane: But that’s not just thin. It’s scary thin. And was there a kind
of devil that almost took her life? Is it alcohol? Is it marijuana? Is
it cocaine? Is it pills? All? An interview in which nothing is off-limits,
including her turbulent marriage to singer bobby brown. Are you afraid
of him ever?

Whitney: No. Hell no. Huh-uh.

You know I’m talking about that

Diane: Whitney houston her joys — what’s the highest point of this

Whitney: I would say super bowl.

singing clip  – For the land of the free and the home of the brave

Diane: And the most painful part of her life. Your father’s filing suit
against you. $100 million. Do you feel betrayed? When you think it’s the
dad who dressed you and walked you down the aisle. An exclusive, like you’ve
never seen her before. You think you’re not tough enough for this business?

Whitney: Oh, I’m tough enough.

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