Whitney On Mariah, Celine And Music Swapping

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finally speaks her mind in a new issue of Oprah’s ‘O’ magazine that will be hitting the newsstands early August. Whitney speaks on her strange relationship with Bobby Brown and her archrivals and Mariah Carey. Whitney states, “Mariah is an ok artist, but she lacks originality and she tries too hard and Celine is just Celine, very instrumental and boring; she’s just adding light to her music, both are excellent at their craft but there can only be one Whitney.” When asked how she feels about her music not selling very well she added, “That part of this business really doesn’t concern me. Right now I’m at 5 million world wide. Some artist don’t see that in a 10 year career span. I’m just lucky to have sold as much as I’ve sold in the past, so people shouldn’t say I’m not selling, at least not while this whole music swapping over the internet is happening.”

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2 thoughts on “Whitney On Mariah, Celine And Music Swapping

  1. Camden says:

    This article is total Bull dust… Seriously!!! Contributed anonymously? I wonder why…

  2. Lofil says:

    This is absolutely non-sense Whitney will never do that to CELINE DION AND MARIAH CAREY..

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