Whitney Saves ‘CSI: Miami’ Beauty From Cocaine Hell

Globe magazine reports ‘CSI: Miami’ beauty Khadi Alexander credits for saving her from a cocaine hell. “But for the grace of God, Khandi knows she could have been where Whitney went – to the hell of crack cocaine,” a pal said. “Ironically, it was with Whitney’s unselfish help that Khandi escaped!” Her troubles began when she was working as Houston’s tour choreographer, where she became addicted to drugs.

Alexander said, “I was trying ot live the life of the rich and famous.” After a heart to heart talk with Whitney, Alexander checked herself into a rehab clinic in 1990. Alexander revealed, “Whitney was incredible. She said, ‘Honey, I’ll wait for you. Your job will be here when you get back.”

It was about that time Houston met Bobby Brown, only to follow the same path she coaxed Alexander out of. A source said, “While she was helping Khandi out of her mess, Whitney was beginning her own long, downhill fall.”

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