Who Cares If Britney Spears Is A Flop Or Not

Contributed Anonymously:

Lately, I think some of you diehard fans are acting so ridiculous. Okay, as you know, and if you look at the Billboard charts, she’s on the #4 spot. And of course, people are going to say she’s a flop, at least some people. But you guys are whining and complaining too damn much over a few people that are saying she’s a flop. It makes me wonder, is her being #1 on the spot the only thing that matters to you? A few people say she’s a flop, and here you go writing a novel and long speeches about it, defending her and acting so damn emotional. Do you think her being #1 is the only thing that makes Britney Spears? Is that all it takes for you to actually like her?

I mean seriously, the way you guys argue about this, it makes you look dumb. Because first of all, you don’t need to defend your favorite artist if you truly have faith in her, and KNOW that she’s not a flop, regardless what people say. And besides, people know that she isn’t a flop, when it comes to her numbers anyway. And that’s the thing I want to talk about real quick. Most of you fans just talk about numbers, and sometimes exaggerate on them. Well…there is more to being successful than just the numbers. YES, Britney is one of the best selling artists of our time, yes she sold millions and millions of records, yes, she’s rich, she has million and millions and millions of dollars, yes her Greatest Hits album is the best selling Greatest Hits album ever in the history of the UK charts.

Yet, at the end, it’s just numbers. People don’t judge, like, or dislike artists because of numbers, they make judgments based on what the artist actually does to show for it. And the reason why Britney is being called a flop and called names and such is because she’s simply turning people off when it comes to her image and her actions. No matter how many records she sells, if Britney is going to keep up with the attitude, actions, etc. that certain people don’t like, then nobody is going to give a crap if she has millions or sold millions. Britney might sell more than many artists like John Mayer, Norah Jones, etc. yet she is the butt of so many jokes, gets bad reviews on movies and concerts, gets bad publicity, and a bad reputation for not being so nice to her fans, and on top of that has no credibility for her music. The only thing she has credibility for is for shedding her good girl image and being more revealing and open. That’s it. That’s what turns people off guys, the records sales have nothing to do with it!

You guys need to seriously realize that. Most of us here don’t think numbers mean everything like some of you diehard Brit fans do. Sure, the numbers say a lot, but that alone doesn’t say that they’re respected for their music, and respected in the music industry.

P.S. And btw, don’t get so wild up about this. I am just stating my opinion, you don’t need to have a hissy fit, or whine and complain and say things like “leave Britney alone”, because seriously, that’s starting to get old. You don’t have to read it if it’s going to make you cry. Just be more realistic. I am not saying she’s a flop, I am just saying what’s realistic, and true. And if you didn’t notice, I actually named her GOOD points and her FLAWS, something that not even you diehard Britney fans do.

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