Who Cares?

This isn’t a vs. essay, or a peacemaking essay (because I love bashing as much as the next person), but you people are just getting on my nerves. First it was the comparisons; which are never going to go away because while one is a figure head megastar and the other is a musical genius (completely different) teenyboppers will never stop comparing the two…. but now it is this whole figures and facts thing. I don’t see a problem in coming here to chill when you’re bored, or have insomnia or when you are procrastinating some work, but to spend so much time and energy on “Britney sold 7 million” “Britney sold 12 million” “Christina sold 3 million” “Christina sold 12 million” WHO THE FU** CARES? What does any of that have to do with you? Sales have nothing to do with talent, they have nothing to do with respect, and they have nothing to do with ability or longevity. The only thing they affect is how big that wad of cash in a stars pocket gets. And unless they are giving you some of that money, it has nothing to do with you (well some of you it might as the stars could use it for more protection and privacy to keep you stalker psychos out). You guys take things way too seriously; if you want information then study psychology, sociology, philosophy, but having your head full of pop star statistics is not going to get you very far, and honestly its not really something to be proud of.

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