Who Has Staying Power?

An artist’s most important career asset is arguably his/her staying power. Only a few artists can brag about being relevant even after 20 or more years in the lime light. Madonna is still among the top pop artists even as she nears her 50’s. Cher has also been successful in her late 50’s until she decided to make her farewell tour. Among pop artists above 40 years old these two women are the only ones who had a global no.1 single. Staying power is almost solely attributed to an artist’s capability to garner younger generations of fans even though the?she is already aging.

In my opinion these artists will have staying power:

1. Britney Spears: Oops…she has done it before & yes she can do it again! Britney may take on the place of Madonna as the new ‘Queen of Pop’ in a decade or so. She has the X-factor of Madge coupled with the dance skills of Janet. No emerging pop star has even touched her in record sales. So far she’s the Biggest Selling Act of the 21st century & her fans will guarantee that she’ll hold on to that position.

2. Beyonce: She is called the new Tina Turner but for me she is much more. Beyonce is one of the most bankable acts today. She seems to gather more fans & credibility by the second! I have no doubt that Beyonce (sorry not Christiana) may be the only serious challenger to Britney Spears dominance in record sales in the coming years.

3. Christina Aguilera: She’s the last truly unique pop superstar from the 90’s. Christina is not a Madonna wannabe, a Mariah wannabe nor any wannabe for that matter. She is the one & only Christina Aguilera. She’ll definitely be an icon like Prince or Aretha Franklin one day. In fact her sales won’t be as great as Britney’s but it wouldn’t matter…that how amazing & note-worthy she is!

4. Usher: He’s truly a Michael Jackson wannabe but who cares if he has the moves to boot. Usher is an excellent stage performer with a scorching sex appeal. That sexiness is what truly separates him from Michael Jackson’s persona.

5. Alicia Keys: She’s another unique talent. She’s got the credibility & likeability to go far. Alicia’s best asset is her nice/clean image & of course top notch songs.

6. Ciara: She’s simply the Janet Jackson of our generation.

7. Justin Timberlake: Yet another cute Michael Jackson wannabe… who cares his fans love him & they’ll buy all his records!

I also like to know about other artists who deserve to be in this list.

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