Who Is Biggest In The UK?

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There seems to be much debate over who is the biggest in the UK, out of and Britney Spears. As usual, there really shouldn’t be any need for debate – the facts speak for themselves.

This week, Music Week magazine, the British equivalent of the US Billboard magazine – the official “chart” magazine for the UK – published a list of the top 40 selling albums in the UK, in the period 2000 to 2004.

01 No Angel Dido 2,927,000
02 White Ladder David Gray 2,726,000
03 Life For Rent Dido 2,690,000
04 1 Beatles 2,560,000
05 A Rush Of Blood To The Head Coldplay 2,330,000
06 Come away with me Norah Jones
07 The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem
08 Sing When You’re Winning Robbie Williams 2,161,000
09 Swing When You’re Winning Robbie Williams 2,118,000
10 Parachutes Coldplay

11 Escapology Robbie Williams 2,008,000
12 By the way Red Hot Chili Peppers
13 Born to do it Craig David
14 Greatest hits Texas
15 Justified Justin Timberlake
16 Play Moby
17 Stripped Christina Aguilera
18 Just enough education to perform Stereophonics
19 Missunderstood Pink
20 Coast to coast Westlife

21 Lets go Avril Lavigne
22 Fever Kylie Minogue
23 Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters 1,594,000
24 Hopes and fears Keane 1,593,000
25 Music Madonna
26 Gotta get thru this Daniel Bedingfield
27 Greatest Hits Robbie Williams 1,531,000
28 Call off the search Katie Melua
29 Fridays Child Will Young
30 Songs about Jane Maroon 5 1,520,000

31 Escape Enrique Iglesias
32 Songbird Eva Cassidy
33 Greatest hits Whitney Houston
34 Eminem show Eminem
35 Elephunk Black Eyed Peas 1,393,000
36 One love Blue
37 Permission to land The Darkness
38 Ronan Ronan Keating
39 Greatest Hits 1970-2002 Elton John
40 All rise Blue

As you can see, Miss Aguilera’s most recent studio album, Stripped, released just over two years ago, sits at number 17, just shy of the 2 million mark in sales. It is STILL in the top 30 of the weekly album chart, as i type.

In the period of 2000 to 2004, has released FOUR albums. Not one, even makes it onto the list. Not one, has even broken the 1 million sales mark, which is approximately where the #40 album is. Not ONE of them even had the paltry consolation prize of hitting #1 on the weekly chart.

Last week also saw the announcement of the Brit Award nominations – the UK equivalent of the Grammys. Last year both Beyonce and Christina were nominated in the Best International Female category. This year, despite releasing TWO albums in the relevant period, did not even get nominated. Completely shut out. So much for the UK “loving” her, like her fans claim (wish?).

The facts speak for themselves. Britney may have a small and continually declining set of obsessed fans in the UK, who rush out and buy her singles on the first week, but no one else really likes her, quite the opposite in fact – a perfect explanation of why her singles have such poor longevity on the chart, My Prerogative being the latest example. But, like in the US now, Christina is clearly the most popular. Fact.

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One thought on “Who Is Biggest In The UK?

  1. Yoyo says:

    Actually she has one album that sold 1.2 million (baby one more time) (the 40th album is 1.3 mill)

    I’m sorry that your approximation skills are so weak. Also you said her she released “FOUR” albums, but you said the period was in 2000-20004.

    first of all, her first album was released in early 1999

    Second of all her “FOURTH” album was released in NOVEMBER 2003, you didn’t expect it to sell over 100k before the end of the year, did you?

    Not to mention you failed to say her singles are way more successful and HAVE longevity

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