Who Is Really The Most Popular/Least Popular Backstreet Boy?

Goto.com has its August list of the most popular Backstreet Boys and spelling variations of the guys. Despite some thinking AJ’s rehab may have made him most popular he’s still far behind in searches as ‘Nick Carter’ was searched 30,317 times compared to 12,490 for ‘’. Far behind were at 4,682, Kevin Richardson at 3,201, and at 1,808. For the complete list, read on.

Searches done in August 2001
Count Search Term
30317 Nick Carter
12490 AJ McLean
4682 Brian Littrell
3201 Kevin Richardson
1808 Howie Dorough
977 Howie D
594 Alexander James McLean
266 Nickolas Gene Carter
216 Howard Dorough

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