Who Sells Sex?

Contributed Anonymously:

It has become a common misconception that is putting out more sex in her image and songs than Britney Spears. I do not find this to be so, but of course none of you care about my opinion so let me tell give you the facts, song by song (taking each one’s latest CD’s).

Britney ‘In The Zone’ :
Song 1) about music (kind of)
Song 2) about how sexy she is
Song 3) exes and sex and dance
Song 4) sex (kind of)
Song 5) about sex and how hard she parties
Song 6) about exes and sex
Song 7) sex and how hot she is
Song 8) masturbation (and no one can argue
this to be untrue because she has
stated it very clearly in several papers
and on Graham Norton)
Song 9) sex
Song 10) somewhat deeper
Song 11) same
Song 12) sex

Christina Aguilera – ‘Stripped’

Song 1) coming into her own
Song 2) about fighting sexist oppression
Song 3) exes and endings (kind of)
Song 4) about coping and being strong
Song 5) love
Song 6) love
Song 7) love
Song 8) love
Song 9) endings
Song 10) endings/love/feeling unappreciated
Song 11) about loving yourself and thinking
that you are beautiful
Song 12) about moving on and dealing alone
Song 13) love
Song 14) inspiration for people to chose a
path and be themselves
Song 15) Sex
Song 16) technically being free and
comfortable in your own skin – but
more acurately – sex.
Song 17) coming into her own
Song 18) Inspirational – that people trust in
themselves and get through tough
Song 19) Dealing and coming back
Song 20) Just a happy tune.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Britney Spears, when I don’t want anything heavy, just fun. But so many people say that Christina has beat Britney in selling sex, which is just not true. As well as that, even the songs which are not about sex in Britney’s albu, are shallow, meaningless songs, while in Christina’s they are inspirational classics.

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