Who’s Next: The Ting Tings

Katie White and Jules de Martino of The Ting Tings sit down for an interviewYahoo! Music’s ‘Who’s Next’ features an interview and performance with The Ting Tings. Jules De Martino and Katie White talked about how they met up, the story behind their band name, their expanding guest list requests, and more.

“It just seemed to be something strong between me and Katie as a writing team,” Jules said about their beginnings. “We were in a band before this that didn’t work out, and we were the only two out of that band that decided we might carry on when everyone else got serious and got real jobs.”

On the duo’s creative process, Katie said, “We just wrote really for ourselves for our enjoyment and some of our friends to party with.” Jules continued, “The way we did it, is if we didn’t feel good about a song we were recording within an hour or two we scrapped it.”

Jules offered a humorous story on some of their early income, “We live in this cotton mill in Manchester, and we just started running parties there. Then we realized we couldn’t do this because we couldn’t afford to pay for our friends to have their beer. Then we created this TV. This smashed up TV we emptied out. We put a hole in the top and made a sign saying donations for beer please. The next day we were getting ready to party and we opened up the TV and there was 130 pounds. Me and Kate went ‘Yes! We’ve done it! This is how we’re gonna make money in the music business!’ We’re gonna run clubs and we’re just gonna play drums and guitar and make no sense of it and charge people beer money.”

Video for the interview and performance of ‘Great DJ’ has since been removed at Yahoo.com.

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  1. plo says:

    I think she is so sexy.. I love them!!! I love her voice and their sound!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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