Whose A Flop As A Performer And Who Isn’t

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Ok, so I was reading the usual “Madonna vs. Mariah” arguments about who has better record sales and blah blah. And while record sales are important, how well you’re able to translate your songs on stage is just as or more important. I’ve noticed that some performers lack stage presence which is a big problem. I don’t wanna spend 60 Bucks on some concert, only to be disappointed by a crappy performer. IMO, these performers have good stage presence:

Madonna-All eyes are always on her when she performs, which is why her tours do well.

-No matter what you think of her as a person, she has GREAT stage presence. Britney was great at the ’99 VMA’s and 2000 VMA’s. This is why her performances are almost always the most talked about at award shows. She gives very memorable performances.

Elvis-One of the best performers there ever was. Very original, great voice, good dancer.

-Commands the stage always. His stage presence is outta this world. He could be singing the frickin alphabet and it would still be hot! Original, amazing dancer, great singer. This is why his performance on Motown 25 is still regarded as one of the best ever. Very entertaining. NO ONE compares.

Mariah Carey-Love the emotion she puts into her songs and her performances. She really makes you feel what she is singing. Love her!

The Rolling Stones- Yes, they are older, but their music is timeless and they always sell out concerts. Obviously, they know what they’re doing on stage.

Bob Marley-Very real and authentic. Did not need all the pyrotechnics most performers of today need. Just needed his guitar and background singers. Can’t say enough about him.

Alicia Keys-Really feels what she sings. She keeps it real and is not a bull s!it artist. Always like to see her perform.

Beyonce-Can dance her @$$ off. Always commands the stage.

Performers whose performances leave a lot to be desired:

Christina Aguilera-Just because she can sing her @$$ off does not mean she can perform well. I saw her in concert in 2002, and while her voice was very strong live, she REALLY lacks stage presence. Her performances are never memorable IMO. If she’s gonna be around for a while, she needs to work on that.

-What the hell does she do on
stage? She just sits there and smiles and tries to look cute. Jessica needs to work on being a better performer or pretty soon people will be saying “Jessica who”?

Sean Paul-Love his music, but is a horrible performer. His performances are boring!

Jennifer Lopez-The few times she has performed, didn’t think it was anything spectacular.

-Like I said, record sales are important, but if you cant perform people wont respect you in the music business and its almost CERTAIN you will not last long in this business.

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