Why Ben Affleck Dumped Jennifer Lopez

Star magazine reports Jennifer Lopez was relaxing in her Los Angeles home late at night on September 3rd when her fiance Ben Affleck called to chat, an insider tells Star. All she wanted talk about was their upcoming wedding, less than two weeks away. But it didn’t take her long to notice Ben wasn’t saying much on the subject. What’s wrong? she wanted to know. He told her he couldn’t take it and he wanted to push it back. For the 33-year-old singer-actress, her worst fear was coming true.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s ‘Exit Interview’

September 20, 2003 – Even though Jennifer is meeting with Ben in Savannah this weekend, pals say their romance is doomed. “It’s over,” The New York Post’s sources declare. “It’s like an exit interview. You don’t call off your wedding to someone you are in love with and then never talk to them again. They have a lot of issues to talk about and things to work through.” A pal of Ben’s said, “Ben looks so relaxed ever since he called off the wedding.”

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  1. niceg says:

    I guess, J-Ho is following the footpath of MC. Someone go get the doctors now before she goes mad.

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