Why Britney Fans Should Be Thankful To Christina

Contributed Anonymously:

Okay, so I know this is going to stir up a lot of fans, but this is definitely the truth. Britney would’ve been a faded old picture by now if it weren’t for Christina Aguilera. True, Britney came out first but after Christina came out and won the Grammy from then on Britney took her direction from Christina and followed the path that Chris was on. Actually, most of the pop acts that came out along with Christina should be thankful to her, she’s the one that gave pop music some kind of substance and created a foundation for other pop acts to follow. Until she came out *NSYNC was just dancing and semi-singing then after she got praises for her voice they started to become more of a vocal group.

But back to Brit, this girl is basically a carbon copy of Christina. From the new dirtier look to the stage show for her Onyx Hotel Tour. Christina wears corsets then Britney wears them, Christina stage show become more theatric so does Britney’s, Christina says her album and show is more mature and personal Britney says the same thing about her album; which is a lie, you cant have a personal album in which you hardly write any songs on it.

But basically, what I’m saying is Christina provides the direction in which Britney follows. Britney even copied a quote Christina said a long time ago, “It’s not my job to parent America.” Britney’s quote, “I can’t be responsible for someone else’s kid, I’m not the parent of America.”

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