Why Britney’s Career Is Over And Her Return Will Go On Deaf Ears

I, and many others, are sick of and her blatant lies and her stupid music and image.

You turn on a TV and you see her butt ugly face. You pick up a newspaper, her face is there. Same thing with a magazine or computer and don’t give me the turn it off or don’t look at it bullsh** cos it is the truth.

Her album sales have fallen in the US and UK to an extent because Britney’s behavior has become so erratic that even a 10 year old is smarter than Britney and don’t blame internet piracy we have fallen on a bad economy where people are using money to either eat, pay bills or fill cars with gas as gas is now $2.00 plus a gallon on top of overexposure.

We all know she lied about being a virgin, smoking, drugs, alcohol and being crass.

She also lied about being the sweet girl you see on TV because why was she voted Rudest Celebrity to Meet and dubbed B**chney Sneers, it is because greed, ego and fame went to her ugly, sneaky head.

She lied about taking a break in 2002 to 2004 as she was being a media prostitute including her appearance at the 2002 VMAs where she had appeared looking like a bad female version of Rob Halford of Judas Priest circa 1982(look at the inside of the Screaming For Vengeance album and you’ll see).
Then in 2003, she lied about sleeping with Fred Durst and she went through men like clothing.

What I think brought about her downfall in the US was the kiss with Madonna.

Also, she broke up the marriage of ex-dancer Columbus Short by dating him whilst he was married to a pregnant woman.

Diane Sawyer making her cry was funny exposing Brit for what she really is, a stupid no-good prostitute who slept with everybody including [removed by MusicMan].

Each album has sold less and less than the ones before it despite #1 debuts(her streak stopped at FOUR and I believe Alicia Keys will shatter the record).

The marriage to Jason Alexander somewhat hurt sales of In the Zone which were sluggish to begin with.

Then, her tour was panned by critics and fans (many whom were chaperoned by parents and adults) walked out after seeing that her show became borderline soft porn. Also, she was badly lip synching to her songs as her chain-smoking damaged her weak voice.

Then, during a break in tour, she met and literally stole Kevin Freeloader Federline from a pregnant Shar Jackson showing she will do anything to get her man(even destroying families).

She then whined about touring and faked a knee injury to get out of touring to be with Kevin and she also blew off her own Camp and the VMAs to be with boy toy. Her mom said Britney couldn’t fly due to knee injury, what a crock of sh**! Britney was flying to Hawaii and things after her supposed knee injury.

Then she refused to prenup Kevin so her ex-manager Larry Rudolph forced her to do it as he was looking out for his client and as a result, the bi**h fires her manager after he did the right thing(what a stupid pig).

Her best of flopped BIG TIME in the US and don’t give me the GH albums don’t sell stuff(look at The Eagles, Queen, Elton John, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Toby keith, Johnny Cash and such as they had big sellers with Greatest Hits albums).

Then her show Chaotic FLOPPED BIG TIME and the DVD sales have been sluggish and more fans abandoned the dirty jezebel.

Then her having her baby has only hurt her even more. Her re-mix album TANKED and now the marriage is falling faster than the Titanic much to her and her people’s chagrin!

If she does come back, her sales will fall worse than the albums before as no one will accept an aging teen idol. Even Michael Jackson is now banished from the US for his thing for little boys! Thank Christ I love Pink Floyd(a band known for music not image)!

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