Why Can’t Justin Timberlake Keep His Women?

Contributed Anonymously:

I had an interesting and original thought: Why do all of Justin Timberlake’s girlfriends cheat on him? It makes you wonder don’t it? I mean Justin is one of the sexiest and hottest guys in entertainment, even more sexy than Jude Law or Collin Farrell. He’s a hot dancer, singer, producer, and has a great down to earth personality, isn’t that everything a girl wants? So why would his women cheat on him? Is it because he chose bad women?

For instance:

Britney Spears: His first love! Now why the heck would Britney cheat on Justin? He has so many good qualities, he’s a nice guy, he’s hot, and he’s sexy, isn’t that everything a girl wants in a guy? But instead she had to cheat with an ugly faced Wade Robinson! But why? Wasn’t he not good in bed? Wasn’t he not a faithful guy? And now Britney’s trading all that to be with a worse scumbag called Kevin Federline? I doubt that he’s better than Justin, at least Justin didn’t impregnate a woman twice then cheat on her to marry somebody else.

Cameron Diaz: Does anybody really take her seriously? She’s such a ditz! She’s not that great of an actress either. She’s only famous for acting like a dumb blonde. And Cameron is taller than Justin! How embarrassing is that? And now she has cheated on Justin over this married guy, isn’t that slutty or what?

It also makes me wonder about Justin’s credibility as being a “lady’s man.” It’s funny how he seems to brag about treating the woman right and giving them what they want, and yet every girlfriend he has had they have cheated on him for somebody else! What are you going to say about that now Justin?

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