Why Celine Dion Hasn’t Spoken Out In Defense Of Husband

Contributed by chris:

Singer has not been able to talk about the allegations of rape against her husband Rene Angelil because of a judicial gag order. Celine’s Spokesperson issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight yesterday saying “Anyone who knows Rene Angelil knows that he is a kind and gentle human being. This is a fabricated story and as soon as the judge lifts the gag order,Rene is extremely anxious to tell the true story.”

The alleged victim is an ordained Minister in the Full Gospel World Church In LA.

The attack is alleged to have happened two years ago in the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

In June of 2000, Angelil paid the woman an unspecified sum of money in cash.

No charges were filed by the woman at the time but the Nevada police are now investigating the matter.

A source close to Celine says “She(Celine) stands by her husband confident that he will be vindicated.”

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