Why Christina Aguilera Will Always Be In Britney Spears’ Shadow

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Lets face the facts, in terms of popularity is far ahead of Christina Aguilera. In total, Britney is far ahead of Christina in album sales. Only one of Christina Aguilera albums made it to #1 on the Billboard while all 4 of Britney’s albums have made it to #1.

Also, when you look in magazines, even tabloids you hear about everyday, rarely Christina Aguilera. Its because the public is more interested in Britney and a tabloid with Britney in it will sell more. Britney’s tours do very well and she often sells out shows and appears on HBO and Showtime live broadcasts, even though she has no other major artists with her. On the other hand Christina needs to tour with a massive artist like in order to fill a sufficient amount of seats, as we can see, when she even tries to tour with no major opening act her tour flops and is quickly cancelled. I guess the Madonna kiss when they both kissed her and BRITNEY ended up getting the attention and Christina was left complaining about how no one noticed her summed it up. Christina will always be in Britney’s shadow.
*T.J Hoopla*

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5 thoughts on “Why Christina Aguilera Will Always Be In Britney Spears’ Shadow

  1. d3nnis18 says:

    Christina tries to act like Britney. Britney was the sexy one first with Slave 4 U.. A year later came Christina Sluttyera with Dirrty. She’s just a bad copy of Britney. She needs other artists to sell.

  2. Justin says:

    the amazing truth!!

  3. meghan says:

    The amazing lie. Britney is always in the papers because she does the most unnatural things aka the head shaving I mean how many times has she been in the papers now that’s she’s calmed down? The media just got a lot of stories from her from early on [ Justin breakup ] and se was the sweet innocent girl went bust . Christina will always be better. And to prove that bring up something that Britney has done better than Christina apart from album sales… Christina has more awards, better review and better press.

  4. cherrycoke says:

    “Merry Christmas”
    “My pu**y hanging out”
    “What’s up Sacramento”
    All press is good press… right?
    Or all press is good press for a music industry product like Britney Spears.
    That’s her job. She is an entertainer.
    No scandals = no success = no more Britney ):

    I mean please!
    Christina worked with people like Herbie Hancock or sang with people like Andrea Bocelli and Tony Bennett.
    At the 49th Grammy Awards, Aguilera again won the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Ain’t No Other Man”.
    She is now what she always wanted to be: an real artist.

    You say it right: Lets face the facts:
    Christina Aguilera’s last studio album (B2B):
    4,500,000 sales
    #1 on the Billboard in:
    U.S., UK, CAN, AUS, GER, (+SWI, AUT, NET)
    Britney Spears’s last studio album (circus):
    3,000,000 sales
    #1 on the Billboard in:
    U.S., NOT UK, CAN, NOT AUS, NOT GER, …and EU

    With REAL music! No mainstream music…
    Think about it…

    And sorry for my bad English, because I’m from Germany.

  5. Jillian says:

    You’re right. No one cares about Christina anymore but people will always love Britney. Britney is up there with Michael Jackson in terms of being an icon. Christina is good but she’s not as big of a star and now she’s on pills and doing crazy stuff like sleeping with another man in her house while still being married, actually she’s gross.

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