Why Clay Aiken Fired His Manager

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “Clay Aiken announced that he has fired his manager and signed with a larger management company. Yeah, when asked why, Aiken said, ‘I’d rather be handled by several men’.”

Clay Aiken Signs On To The Firm, But Still Tied To 19

May 13, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Clay has sacked his management company, 19 Entertainment – founded by ‘American Idol’ creator and father-figure Simon Fuller and has signed on with The Firm. “It’s a logical move,” a source said. “He wants to branch out into film and TV.” But a spokesman for 19 told The New York Post: “19’s relationship with Clay is as strong as ever. Nothing contractually has changed. Clay will be taking on additional personal management.”

Clay Aiken In A Firing Mood

April 17, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Ruben Studdard says that he fired a group of people who were caught on his tour bus with marijuana. Yeah. In a related story, Clay Aiken says he fired a group of people who were caught on his tour bus with girls.”

Clay Aiken’s Testy Pepsi Challenge

April 1, 2004 – According to E! Online’s Ted Casablanca, Clay turned diva during an appearance on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ recently. When the singer requested Pepsi but instead received Coke, he fumed to an assistant, “What part of Pepsi don’t you understand?” When the assistant ran to a local store to pick up a Pepsi 12-pack and returned, Aiken sneered, “You took so long, I changed my mind. Forget it.” The irony… ‘American Idol’s’ biggest sponsor: Coke.

Clay Aiken Interviewed By Steve And DC Show

March 27, 2004 – Sean of the Steve and DC show interviewed Clay and Smitty did an “anti-interview” of Aiken. Sean was late and had to huff and puff his way to the ‘Idol’ concert to get to the interview backstage. Clay talked about sharing the tour bus with tour mate Kelly Clarkson and how they’re getting along well. He admitted to being starstruck by meeting Iowa Senator Tom Harkin (D) and Oprah. He then gave a shout-out to Carolina, saying they’re big on coming in second. Clay admits most of his days are bad hair days, and admitted Kelly could beat him up. Aiken then performed an impromptu ‘I’ll Fly Away’. The 14-minute clip has since been removed from steveanddc.com.

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6 thoughts on “Why Clay Aiken Fired His Manager

  1. WritingButterfly says:

    Homophobia’, ‘It’s sick that in this world people still LAUGH AT homosexuality like it’s a joke. Let Clay be gay, if he is, for chrissakes. It’s no one’s business and DEFINITELY no one’s punchline.

  2. AGUILERAFAN says:


  3. Damack says:

    I don’t think they’re making fun of him being gay rather than the fact that he thinks he can hide it.

  4. Meggz75 says:

    Who cares if he is gay…he is still a great singer and he seems to be a sweet guy. I am not sure if he is or not but really, I don’t care; I still love his music.

    Conan is a moron…he is about as funny as a dishrag

  5. EdwardAlex says:

    Conan’s prob the funniest out of them all. He was a Simpsons writer, need I remind you all.

  6. clayfan says:

    Clay’s a poser? Right. Your Christina is a walking bag of VD skankiness.’, ‘With fake boobs. Good voice, but she uses it for evil, not for good.

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