Why Did ‘Invincible’ Cost $30 Million?

MSNBC reports Michael Jackson’s Invincible ran up it’s huge $30 million production price tag because Jacko recorded 87 tracks before the final 16 were selected for the album. A source also told MSNBC Jackson booked 3 studios “because he didn’t know which one he’d feel like recording at when he woke up that day.”

Sony doesn’t seem to mind giving him the money though because their main objective was to advance the singer money to build up a debt load that would force him to give up his collateral of the Beatles catalog of music to pay it off.

Lenny Backs Jacko Not Being Wacko

November 6, 2001 – Worldpop reports Lenny Kravitz has come to the defense of telling reporters, “Let’s not forget, Michael is a musical genius.” As for working with Jackson, Lenny said it was the best recording experience of his life and called Michael “totally cool, absolutely professional and a beautiful, beautiful guy.”

Early Figures Show Jacko Solidly #1

November 5, 2001 – According to the latest album figure sales coming in from Hits Daily Double, Michael Jackson’s Invincible appears poised to sell over 400,000 copies and should be solidly in the number 1 spot, with DMX tracking for around 300,000 sales and Enrique at around 270,000. The greatest hits album Chapter 1 appears to be floundering and unlikely to even eclipse 200,000 sales in its first week, which should put it in the #4 spot.

Being Tested For Anthrax

November 4, 2001 – News of the World spoke with Michael who broke the bombshell that he is being tested for anthrax, as well as his children. Michael said, “We’re all very, very sick right now. I’ve never felt so bad in my entire life.” Jackson added, “My chest burns very, very much. It’s hard to breathe. And when I swallow it stings. It burns so bad. You can’t stop coughing. And your eyes burn. And you’re tired all the time.”

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    I think Mr.Jackson is pretty wack, he was just been silly

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