Why Did Katy Perry Name Her Album ‘Teenage Dream’?

Katy Perry on album title

responds to a question about why she named the album ‘Teenage Dream’ in her latest YouTube video. “I named the album ‘Teenage Dream’ because it’s a song off the record that just makes you feel this euphoric feeling,” Perry explained. “When you’re a kid, when you’re a teenager and you’re falling in love for the first time, or you have a fantasy about someone you kind of idolize – like maybe it’s a person or a poster on your wall that you grew up having on your wall, and you’re just like maybe you wanted to meet them or be like them or fall in love with them. ‘Teenage Dream’ is kind of that feeling I wanted to exude off this record, like I really want you guys to fall in love with me in your teenage dreams.” Watch the response below.

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