Why Did Lisa Marie Fall In Love With Jacko?

Michael Jackson 'Bad'

was on ‘Enough Rope’ with Andrew Denton, which aired on Monday (March 15). Asked why she fell in love with Michael Jackson, the daughter of Elvis responded, “I have no idea, why does anyone fall in love with anyone? It was 9 years ago, can’t really remember you know… Just, just hung out, we were friends. And, he wasn’t anything like he is right now, I don’t know what’s happened, but I don’t know. Same reason anybody falls in love with anybody.”

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14 thoughts on “Why Did Lisa Marie Fall In Love With Jacko?

  1. Gege says:

    Apparently, Michael once again trusted and open his heart to the wrong person. I noticed how Michael did not dogged her out to anyone, but like a spoiled brat, she tried to belittle him in every way she possibly could. She was not woman enough for Michael, and do not know what love means. That’s why she is trying out every Dick , John and Harry. You don’t fall out of love with someone, love is everlasting, unconditionally, either she loved him or she was just infatuated with Michael. Because the marriage only lasted a minute, she was infatuated. She is calling him weird, because that’s what people do when they don’t understand someone or something. Michael was too deep for her little mind to comprehend the mind of a man with a big heart. Unfortunately, Michael found out too late.

  2. Katie says:

    It’s really immature at the way she lashes out against Michael and disrespects his private life once the marriage is over. It is really low, especially for someone for her to have the honor to be able to get to know Michael at such a deep level. Honestly, couldn’t she get over herself and realize that after all Michael went through with the media that she’s just contributing by fueling what they want to hear? Couldn’t she have realized that Michael had respected her and she should have done the same to him? Michael was too good for her.

  3. sally knauer says:

    Lisa had a good man he loved her so much and she told him she would have his kids but lied to him how could she be so cold to him if it was me I would have had his kids and loved him like a wife should love your husband sally

  4. lavetta rae says:

    i believed what Lisa Presley says about Michael is true. I always felt that there was two Michael Jacksons. all I know is that no one could be as shy as Michael proclaimed and entertained and performed as well as he did. really shy people are afraid to do the least thing in public for fear of being embarrassed. I always felt Michael was a very smart man and I believe he was more like his father than the other brothers. whether Lisa stop being intimate with Michael is no worse than him marrying her to have babies by Elvis Presley’s daughter. besides no one ever knows the real truth in someone marriage especially celebrities. at least she tried to help him and him being narcissistic would not let her in. I think people want to remember Michael as that five year old boy who sung his hear out on the Ed Sullivan show. but he wasn’t. yes, I grew up listening to his music and I did not know that his death would affect me the way it did. it was almost like losing a member of my family. but then I come back to reality and realize that God had blessed Michael with an amazing talent that some people in the music biz would kill to have one tenth of his talent. but in the end, Michael felt he could do whatever and have no consequence. after I have mourned over Michael passing, I am pissed because he has left three beautiful children to be cared by whoever if something happens to Katharine. that should have been his priority making sure he was around to see his kids grow up. Michael had a very bad relationship with his father; but due to his overindulgence, Joseph Jackson will have more access to Michael children than ever. to whom much is given, much is required to give back. I don’t feel sorry for Michael at all. he threw his life away knowing that his three precious children however than came to be are left with tabloid fodder for all of their lives. I hope and pray those kids one day can meet Lady Di sons. they were able to mature and do well despite all the spotlight that their mother was in. I pray that the kids will get therapy and be surrounded by people who really care about their welfare and not someone who will agree with them all the time like their deceased father. yes, I cried when Michael passed but the truth is what it is.

  5. Deborah says:

    I truly believe that Michael loved Lisa and I believe she loved him. But He had a problem with medications back then.If you remember he was in the hospital shortly after their separation.Lisa was 25 years old she did not know what to do to help Michael. And when a person does not want help you can’t help them. I truly believe Michael Jackson loved Lisa but he did not know what he needed to do to keep her.He had never been married before,He just knew he wanted to be a parent and I truly think he meant well.But he scared Lisa off buy being so pushy about having children so soon after they married.I believe it could have worked between them if he had been more patent.And if Lisa would have laid down the law about his drug abuse problem and stuck by him threw his rehab.Michael Jackson was a very driven man that is why everything had to be perfect,his songs,movies,his looks,that is why he was able to do some of the wonderful work he did.But it also put him under undo stress in his life.And caused so much trouble in his personal life.He could not except things as they were.He tried to make everything the way he felt that they needed to be to fast.And it just blew up in his face. I do not believe he was a bad person,I believe he was very misunderstood and really did not under stand how he needed to live his life to protect his self.He was very child like and innocent.So I believe he was taken advantage of by a lot of people.Not Lisa but others.Lisa would have had to fought to keep her marriage to Michael and it could have worked,But she was young and didn’t know how.They were very cute together.Very sad.Now he has passed on and I hope he can have peace.

  6. sally knauer says:

    Lisa and Micheal were a cute couple but I agree Lisa did not give Micheal a chance I think she married him just to say she did it and that is wrong Micheal needed some one to love him but Lisa really did not care in fact I wish I could have married Micheal at lest I could have tried to help him any way I could just look at Lisa Marie she is married again how long will this marriage last she did not want Micheal any more so she found some one else to hurt may Micheal rest in peace love you Micheal sally

  7. Astrid says:

    Now that the autopsy report has been released, I wonder how LM feels after having practically called him an addict in her blog after his death.
    Not to be disrespectful by any means. how do we know such a conversation really took place? Or at least how she says? This former addict, sexually lose, rebellious woman appointed herself as “naive”, when she’s had more experience than most of us. How do we know?
    Now that the report states he was healthy she and some like her have gotten very quiet. Hope she moves on-from blaming him for all her ills that is.

  8. Acai says:

    It’s funny how some people pretend they were able to read Michael’s mind and know for sure what he was thinking based on how the tabloids wanted us to see him. I don’t care how much Michael denied accusations and malicious stories, the tabloids had the means and the ways to twist things and make them believable. Lisa, being Elvis’ daughter and having Priscilla as a mother, was given hands-off protection by them. That is why Michael was, and still is to some degree, blamed for the problems and eventually the end of their marriage.

    So Deborah, I can understand why you would think Michael was calculating, maybe crude and impatient. And I understand why you might think Lisa was in over her head. That is how her family and the tabloids wanted you to see it. I don’t think Michael was any different than the average CEO or President of a huge corporation. His drive and determination wasn’t any different than the average politician who strives to be President. We were just conditioned to believe Michael’s ambition was evil and manipulative because that sold magazines and newspapers. I think Lisa’s actions during and after certain events is telling. I don’t need to rehash them because they are well known, but Lisa’s hypocrisy from interview to interview, let you know she wasn’t being truthful. Deb, I feel you are giving LMP too much credit for honesty. She has said numerous times that she saw nothing during their marriage that made her believe he was on something. Either she is lying, or Michael was clean and her suggestion in her blog that Michael died like her father was simply self-serving.

    Also, I for the life of me can’t understand what is wrong with an almost 40 year old man, wanting children with his wife. Most men get married because they feel something is vacant in their life and they decide they want children. Why was it considered suspect when the urge hit Michael? And consummation during your wedding night is meant to start the process of beginning a family. So if Lisa agreed to have sex with her husband, then she was agreeing to have a family with him. She knew what he expected. Lisa interfered with the process of starting that family right from the beginning. It had nothing to do with strengthening the marriage. She knew how he was before she took her vows. If she just wanted to be friends, then why say I do?

    And lastly, sure others misunderstood Michael, but I do believe what those close to him have said… “Only Michael knew Michael”. I believe he always knew what he wanted for himself.
    Clarity is a rare commodity among us humans, and I don’t think a spoiled brat and her prejudice family should be allowed to tarnish it.

  9. Astris says:


    Well said. LM has said and done many things that point to out and out lies! MJ is dead now and she has been called on the carpet so EVERYTHING she is doing now is for herself.
    When she wanted a divorce she claimed she left for her kids. She saw things that worried her. Well then mighty strange that she chased him around the country for over a year of he was a danger to her kids. His company hadn’t changed at all. She wanted out and didn’t want the backlash of saying that she did it to spite her mother, for attention, or for the heck of it.
    The only reason she did that was to destroy his current marriage to Debbie Rowe, who he trusted and kept close to him and would spend hours talking to.
    She’s self serving and so is that blog. She knows how to play the media, but finally some people are waking up to these constant games she’s playing. Her family knows that what she’s doing is for image control. She has a record coming out and to seal it she dedicated one of those twisted songs to Michael.
    He wouldn’t have appreciated it. She suckering up people for a book or interview in which she will speak lovingly. She let us all know how she really felt.
    I am learning to see a sucker job when it comes long.
    The daughter of Elvis Presley, never went to college, may not have finished high school, was a street addict, bed hopper who felt losing their virginity at 15 was old.
    She has street smarts on Michael, but he saw her finally for what she was and no longer wanted kids with her and it’s a lucky thing.

  10. Acai says:

    Thanks Astris.
    A lot of people are starting to finally open their eyes to the Presleys.
    Unfortunately they will always have their blind supporters who refuse to see them for who they really are.

    The other day I was talking to my older brother and a friend about Michael. We were discussing why they feel I am unable to get over Michael’s death and move on. My brother reminded me–which I needed no reminding–of the night he got me into the arena to see Michael perform.
    I don’t remember the year, but it was the Bad concert in the Meadowlands in New Jersey. My brother was in college and a fraternity brother of his asked if he would like to fill in for someone one night, of a 3 or 4 night billing, as security at Michael Jackson’s Bad Concert. Needless to say, he jumped at it! My brother bragged about it for days to the whole family. I begged him and pleaded with him to let me go. Always, no I can’t get you in. Finally the day before the concert, he told me he found a way to get me in. All I needed to do was convince my mom. With a lot of persuading, I was in!

    Unfortunately, the whole concert is cloudy in my mind. I was around 11 or 12 at the time. I do remember my brother standing at the base of the stage with his back to it facing the crowd, and me, eyes fixated on Michael. I can’t tell you what songs were sung or how many explosions went off or how many people fainted and were dragged away. But I can tell you what I saw–Michael! I remember my eyes retracing every step he made during the 2 hour or so concert. My brother would occasionally turn his head to see the performance when Michael came to the edge of the stage doing a dance move or a ballad. He was so close I could see the sweat on his face. It was electrifying. He was incredible, beautiful, mesmerizing. I had never seen anything like it or since.

    But that doesn’t explain why I can’t seem to get over his death. After thinking hard and long about it, I think I know why.

    I feel cheated. I know that sounds selfish and conceited, but I feel we’ve all been short changed by Murray’s ineptness. If I knew then what I know now, I would have told my brain to capture all of the magic of that night and store it into the highest cache of my memory. I would have taken the time to absorb all of what was going on. I would have cherished the experience. Instead, I am left trying to explain to my brain that Michael is gone forever, and a redemption of that night is not possible. See the word was, Michael was going to do a world tour after his stint in London, and I was going to be there to witness it. That was going to be my younger self’s atonement to my older self. This time my mind would capture everything, the entire experience as an adult. But who could have predicted he would be dormant for so long between tours. It was about 14 years. When I saw Michael in New Jersey as a kid, It never crossed my mind I would never see him again in the flesh. Although I continued to follow him on TV and thru magazines and newspapers, I would never again be so close… that would never happen.

    So yes I feel cheated. Of course I feel sorry for him, for his family and his true friends. But I feel even more sorry for his fans who stood by him from afar waiting for that moment to see the magic again, only to be shut out one final time in the 11th hour. I figure that’s why it is so difficult for me to get over his death. We the fans were so close to what could have been and should have been. And for me… that last chance at redemption that I waited so long for, will now never come.

  11. Astris says:

    I feel cheated also and I feel alone also. Because of so much hurt he went through MJ reached out to his fans and loved ones aside from the family.
    Someone said it best, his fans gave him a love he didn’t find anywhere else. There was a bond and a connection that surpassed his status as a superstar. A true and real connection was made. Whenever he was hurt, happy, troubled or needed inspiration his loving fans were always there.
    In 2008 he wrote a love letter to his fans in which he states, “you are my inspiration. I am living for you and the children.”
    It was a bond between him and the fans that I have never seen nor expect to see again.
    I hate Murray for his neglect. I could forgive it if he had tried to help, but he did everything possible to cover himself and still does.
    The autopsy report says what I said from day 1, Michael was not the sickly weakling some made him out to be. He stressed whenever he had something big come up, but he would recover and he died happy knowing he could do it.
    When tickets sold out in 4 hours, I know his heart burst with joy. He was loved and wanted and I wouldn’t call it a come back, as someone else said “it was a return.”
    Had MJ been what some of these people claim he’d have dropped dead long ago. I understand you. It was a powerful and true and usual love and bond that he thrive in and we thrive in him. It’s like a completion when the two were together.
    And more importantly by him being – dying so fast and the way he did, we were never given a chance to come to terms. But my ONLY comfort is that he is in heaven. God had a talk with him and took him.
    I hope this helped. I was sitting today and thinking and I missed him so much I had to fight tears.
    But anyway, we know that some people are starting to see this game LM is playing. That’s what makes me mad, she has no regard for grief. She is playing a game. And his ridiculous brother Randy has helped her. I see his plan fell through also.

  12. Acai says:

    Thanks for the kind words Astris, but I still feel sick that I will never be able to correct the injustice I did to myself when I was 11 years old. I can remember stupid stuff that happened to me before I was 11. Why can’t I remember details of Michael’s concert? I remember him… That is pretty much the scope of my recall of that night.

    Regrettably, anything less than a hypnotist professionally pulling the memory from my subconscious, I doubt I will ever fully remember. I guess if I had known Michael would skip the US on his Dangerous and History Tours, and not tour to promote Invincible–I would have acted more like a fan and treasured the experience. I can’t really blame him though, he was treated horribly by his own country–and still is.
    But I always thought I would see him again in concert one day. Like I said, the This Is It World Tour was going to be my older self’s atonement from the misdoings of my younger self. Yet to pour even more salt into an already raw wound… my brother remembers everything like it was yesterday!
    It’s funny how time can play tricks on the mind–either you were too young to have remembered ANYTHING, or you’re too old and you’ve forgotten EVERYTHING.
    I guess I’ll have to finally face the fact that–like a famous poet once wrote…
    “History, despite it’s wrenching pain, can not be unlived…”
    Ain’t that the truth?!

    Also, I think you are right about Michael’s heart bursting with joy after learning his 50 shows sold out in less than 4 hours. And I agree we shouldn’t call his re-emergence a comeback–he never left. The correct term is “return”. Without a doubt, I’ve always hated it when the media would label Michael as “one of the best…” or “self-proclaimed King Of Pop”. They just couldn’t treat him with respect and give him the credit he deserved. I think if they had, Michael would have toured the US, and 2 generations of kids would have been able to witness the phenomenon that is now gone, and tragically the world will never see the likes of again. Instead, they are left with tapes and DVDs of the genius along with poor imitations who possess no real artistry, yet they foolishly try to step into his shoes and become the next Michael Jackson. Justin Bieber clearly comes to mind. He doesn’t even have one millionth of the natural ability Michael possessed, but they call him a superstar. Next to him, Michael was a supernova. Gee, I feel sorry the tween generation will never know what real talent is, because reality shows and instant internet popularity can make a star out of the kitchen sink. No Talent Required! Hype, auto-tune equipment and make-up are all that are needed.

    Lastly, I know what you mean about Randy Jackson. He does seem to be star struck with the Presleys. Even Jermaine did an interview with Larry King for the 1st anniversary of Michael’s death, in front of the Great Mausoleum. He told Larry that he liked it when Michael was with Lisa Marie. That’s not the first time he has said that. He’s always had a soft spot for Elvis and the clan. I think Jermaine once said he liked the change in Mike’s demeanor when he was married to Lisa. He was more out going and assertive. But doesn’t he know if it wasn’t for Lisa and her prejudice family manipulating the situation during and after their marriage, Lisa and Michael may have had the family Michael wanted and possibly the life he had dreamed of?

    I predict–after Murray gets off for murdering Michael and flees the country, we will then slowly see a reappearance of Lisa touting new songs and kind words for Michael. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Randy and Jermaine standing in the shadows eagerly waiting to help her.

  13. Astris says:


    Thank you. In time you will remember. It has been an awful year.

    Michael was NEVER the self proclaimed King of Pop, His beloved Liz Taylor anointed him that at an awards show. She called him the king of pop, rock, roll and everything.

    Randy can’t be trusted he lies to much. He is the one who let Karen Faye in there with cameras, he is the one who let LM in there with a camera and then lied when a reporter questioned him about being upset about pictures getting out. He lied and pretended not to know.

    He was very angry that his plans to exploit MJ’s resting place went afoul. He should be very careful, because why do I have the feeling that if this blows up they’ll turn on each other? Good. They should stop using him, but his mother should call time on this. They may be her middle aged children, but Michael has 3 minors who should not have to worry about being reminded everytime they go out.

    They would have never had a family because the marriage was entered into with to much mess. Jermaine and Randy and Janet are very questionable. They have said a lot to save themselves.

    This is an act she’s putting on. She needs to be exposed. If Katherine is to be believed, Debbie is helping her with the kids. That’s good. They don’t need this bull. And hopefully PP has told her daughter to cut it.

  14. Astris says:

    Another thing people have let LM know they think she’s a hypocrite. Of course the comments are removed and only loving stuff is seen. This is not someone who deals with the truth. She could dish it out but can’t take it. A sick song and flowers the man didn’t like doesn’t make up for it.
    The best way sometimes to truly show you’re sorry to to go the hell away and leave us alone. This is being crammed down our throats and that’s what I resent.

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