Why Diss Avril Lavigne So?

I don’t get why some of you make a big deal about and always diss her all the time. I am not saying this as a fan; I am just saying this out of curiosity and reason. What I don’t get is why so many of you make a big deal about what she says, like her acting punk and being against Britney Spears / and Hollywood and then dressing sexy and loving Hollywood the next. So what, what’s wrong if she changes her mind once in awhile about some things? I am sure some of you change your opinions about some things sometimes, is that a crime for Avril to do so just like any other human being?

And as for her being in Maxim and all. Some of you are making a big deal about it. Britney and Christina appear in Maxim and other magazines wearing barely anything and having their butt and boobs hanging out, and yeah I know the haters of one of them are going to trash them. But Avril comes out showing just a bit of cleavage and you all act as if she’s some pin up girl wearing nothing but her underwear for all those men that buy the magazine. C’mon, that’s just silly. What’s wrong if the girl just wants to reveal a little cleavage?

She’s not close to being as revealing as Britney, Christina, and other female celebrities are, so stop acting as if she’s all of a sudden becoming a porn star all because she’s revealing a little cleavage. Let her do, think, or say what she wants.

Changed Her Looks When She Got Older

September 11, 2004 – Avril told YM magazine that now that she’s older, she likes to wear more feminine clothes. She also commented on the people that claim she’s a poser. “It’s funny, because the people who hate me go, ‘You’re fake!’ But my fans like me because I’m real and don’t pretend to be something I’m not. Think about it: it doesn’t make sense! But honestly, I’ve just accepted the fact that people are going to talk about me. When I hear bad stuff, I remember the positive things and think about the people who love me and appreciate my music.”

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9 thoughts on “Why Diss Avril Lavigne So?

  1. trongtn2002 says:

    Its just because Avril comes off as fake. Her image conflicts with her claims of who she is. Her actions conflict with who she says she is. People like genuine artists. No one likes an artist that rags on what they don’t have and then jumps at the chance to have it. And its not like Avril is being singled out here. Britney and Christina have received their share of backlash for their countless stupid actions as well. It’s all part of their jobs. Avril claimed to be punk. Then denied ever saying that. Now she’s turned goth, oh wait, she’s rock, oh no, she’s pop, oh damn, she’s not. Whatever.

  2. hellahooked says:

    Let’s hope to god that Avril DOES NOT reveal as much as Britney & Christina has, lmao. The reason why people are making a big deal about Avril showing a little cleavage is because she said SHE WOULD NEVER DO IT. Britney & Christina(i think) said they would never pose topless or whatever but they did. They got a lot of FLACK for it too, so yeah, Avril deserves what she gets.

  3. cwaaft says:

    Avril is bashed because Avril hates on everyone else. She has a horrible personality and she’s lied so many times about her abilities and music writing. Her attitude continues to lose her fans. I think this album has some great songs on it but I won’t buy it because of all her crap talk. I’ll have someone burn me a copy before I’ll put money in her pocket.

  4. pop_fan24 says:

    I don’t see why diss her either, I like her, the new CD is hot, and nothing is wrong with a little cleavage, and she is fully dressed in maxim, so she stayed true to herself despite what you all think. By the way, she is against Britney for not having any talent, and she likes Christina, as she said before, although she may not always agree with what Christina wears all the time, she loves the pure talent Christina has. ( btw, the same holds true for Amy lee)

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Well, I get what you are saying, but how many celebrities like Avril who were her age and in the spotlight have said that they would never pose half nude or topless and such, and then come out a year later wearing very short skirts and tube tops? This is just part of the business. An artist’s image of themselves is going to conflict with the way the business wants their image to be, that’s part of their job, and in many cases, they just have to live with it and kind of follow the trend. I don’t see why it’s being made into a big deal. I think people are more annoyed about Avril’s attitude more than her clothing.

  6. blankgirl77 says:

    Ok the reason Avril is dissed if so for many reason depending on the people. I am not going to get into yet again, why people hate her. It is straight forward that she is a liar who is manufactured and has been lying about who she is since day one…and has been caught saying hypocritical things and contradicting herself. I am only gonna talk about the maxim deal because the reasons why people hate her are far too long and all true. Avril came out dissing artists like Britney for showing skin. She said that she would NEVER sell sex and that she isn’t about “shoving her cleavage in that camera”. As someone else put it on here I forget who…but they said something that was absolutely true. When Christina Aguilera came out she wore normal clothes except she showed her belly a little, and people labeled her as a slut based on that. And in this magazine Avril does the SAME thing and she is “not selling sex” according you her fans. Yet think back to Chistina’s “genie in a bottle” days. She was made fun of for being a slut simply by showing her belly, and Avril shows her bell in this magazine and she is not selling sex, and she is obviously wearing a push up bra and a low cut shirt to attract the men readers of that magazine. If Avril said “I can dress sexy sometimes without going too far” that would be all cool and nobody would say anything. But she made it a point and still to this day makes fun of other artists for selling sex when she is too. Just because she isn’t stripping doesn’t mean she isn’t selling sex. The reason it doesn’t seem like a big deal NOW is because Britney and Christina recently have totally whored themselves to a undeniable degree. But think back years ago..Britney and Christina wore little belly shirts and were made fun of for a simple thing like that. But now its not a whore thing to do anymore simply because they have gone farther? Avril contradicts herself left and right. She disses people for being “gross” and says she only wants to sell her music not her body…yet is wearing a low cut tank top with her bra popping out and her boobies right to the camera.

  7. nit_pick says:

    Avril presents herself as such an anguished person! It’s dumb! What the hell can she possibly be angry at? I don’t believe either that she dresses like that because that’s who she is, that’s a load! That whole record label is behind her look just as much as for Britney and Christina! I’m done with hearing that she’s “tough” and “not afraid to say what she thinks” because all she ever was, was a rude person. Cry over that, Avril.

  8. ilovebillhicks says:

    Well, maybe Avril would show off more if there WAS anything to show off. I mean, the gal’s got no boobs. Either way, people do change their minds, but this is ridiculous. She changes her mind every damn interview. And people bash Britney probably more than Avril (think about it- Avril haters usually hate Brit, and Avril fans do, too), but even so we all kind of expect Brit to do these things. Avril claims/claimed she’s above that.

  9. steveeeee says:

    Well Avril has some good songs and all like any other artist. She hung with guys so the Tom boy look I guess. She was just a kid really and now a woman. Her style was a little out therr. Her performance has changed from her first tours and now it’slike she is just not into her ffans anymore.

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