Why Do We Doubt?

Contributed anonymously:

Dear readers, for over 10 years I have heard vicious rumors and lies, about a performer who needs no introduction, Michael Jackson, who some people like to call Jacko, but one thing, that seems to bug me, is that reporters or people who don’t seem to like him fail to mention that he has been in show business and singing since the age of 5.

He has the #1 video of all time, most successful album of all time, the most successful world artist of all time, he has won more awards in the history of recorded music across the world, and can dance and sing like no other. He was artist of the 80’s, and in 1993 the World Music Awards named him best selling American Artist, World’s Best Selling Pop Artist, World’s Best Selling Pop Artist of the era.

He has sold well over 180 million records worldwide and still counting. His new album Invincible debuted at #1 and still going strong. He has given more money and time to children than almost any other artist, and lets not forget to mention, every new pop group, or pop sensation, copies him or looks up to his talents and achievements. So I ask a question, did we have a problem when they named Elvis the King of Rock?

So let’s end the lie once and for all and state the fact he is not self proclaimed, he is the one and only king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Is Jacko Baldo?

November 16, 2001 – The Sun reports rumors are rampant that is bald and has been wearing a wig following the scalp burns he suffered while filming a 1984 Pepsi ad, plus the resulting skin grafts. Read more and check out their bald Michael photo here.

Kilborn Gets A Call From Jacko?

November 15, 2001 – Craig Kilborn joked about during his Wednesday night monologue and got a couple of ‘phone calls’ from the singer during the jokes:

Our top story in still dangerous news, the Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Special aired last night right here on CBS with special guests Whitney Houston, Shaggy, and *NSYNC. Looks like Jordan isn’t the only M.J. Who’s lost his step. Michael’s wearing shin guards because when Emanuel Lewis doesn’t get a backstage pass he tends to start kicking. While Michael performed with his brothers on stage his sister Latoya cheered him on from the audience. There he is. I’m sorry. This doesn’t happen very often. Hello? Michael? Yeah, I promise, yeah. No more jokes, man. My bad. Michael’s — Michael Jackson’s new album is called ‘Invincible’ so named because his latest face is made entirely out of bulletproof kevlar.

Leno Doubles Up On Jacko Jokes

November 15, 2001 – Jay Leno did a double-shot of jokes during his Wednesday night monologue joking, “Last night, CBS aired the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Concert. That was huge, that thing. God, Michael’s been in business — 30 years in show business. 15 years as a black guy, 15 years as a white guy. I read this interview with Michael Jackson, and he said he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, he’s never done drugs, he doesn’t stay up late, and he sleeps in a chamber with oxygen in it. And boy, he looks great, doesn’t he? Yeah! Boy, that worked out terrific. Boy, that worked out good. Yeah, yeah. Boy, there’s nothing like clean living, is there? I tell you, that really looks terrific.”

Jacko Fans Respond To Oringer Column

November 14, 2001 – Readers of Heidi Oringer’s column on Michael Jackson last week by basically telling her she had no right to express her opinion. Heidi explains, “I knew the column on Michael Jackson would cause a firestorm of responses. I expected it. What I didn’t expect was to see people’s judgment so clouded by their feelings for the man.” The full story has since been removed.

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