Why Do You Continue Hating Britney Spears?

Contributed Anonymously:

I’ve noticed now for at least the year I’ve visited this site for, the only articles that get comments besides essays are the or Christina Aguilera related. I’ve especially noticed a whole lot of anti-Britney stuff. So my question is, why do you continue to pick on Britney Jean Spears?

I believe that sales matter to a point but don’t mean everything. Some of the most talented haven’t sold as many as others who aren’t as talented. But I’ve noticed that Christina fans seem to deny with all their heart that Britney has sold more than their idol.

Whether they like Britney or not, you have to admit that she’s sold a whole lot more than Aguilera. But you continue to act like the media, fans, Britney, and jive are lying. Did you ever think the same could go for Christina? How do you know those are the correct sales for her? You don’t, so how would you know Britney’s people are lying or not?

It seems every single thing Mrs. Federline/Spears does you criticize her for. Even if it’s something kind and good like charity, you come up with something hateful for that too! If there was a post on Britney donating 10,000 dollars to a charity you’d probably say “well she’s just looking for publicity” right?

The question I want answer is why to these things? Why can’t you admit Britney is popular? Why can’t you admit she’s sold over 60 million albums? Why can’t you realize Britney’s a star whether you like it or not? Why can’t you understand nobody’s perfect?

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