Why Do You Hate Britney Spears?

Britney Spears in striped pants

Contributed anonymously:

I wanna know something. Why do you hate Britney? I find it hard to believe that some of you hate Britney Spears. What are the reason you hate her so much? A couple weeks ago, someone posted pictures of Britney in Korea with the traditional korean hanbok, a very normal topic. And everybody started to bash about how ugly she looked (she looked great by the way). What are the reasons you hate her so much? Is it because she wears sexy clothing, because you don’t like her music or pop music? Why?

=> For her music: I just wanna point that out because… i don’t get it! If you hate her music, just don’t freaking listen to it! You don’t have to hate someone because you don’t enjoy their music. I don’t like most R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock and Country song but i don’t hate those artist! I hate Beyonce’s music so bad! But i don’t hate her… at all!

=> Her look, clothes: Okay, she does wear sexy clothing sometimes. What’s the big deal? Christina, and so much more does it to but when it’s Britney, it’s so wrong. Almost all the females celebrities does it! It’s not like Britney goes to the shopping mall wearing that kind of clothes. And you shouldn’t even judge an artist with what they wear. What happen to liking the music? If Britney’s being called a slut and whore? What should we call Xtina and Pamela? Both are ten millions times worse than Britney.

=> She’s a media whore: I saw a lot of people saying that when there was a topic about Britney. Do you hate her because she endorses Pepsi? Because she’s on commercial for the NFL Kickoff? I mean, Beyonce does it for Pepsi and L’Oreal too! Pink, for Pepsi. Jessica Alba does it for L’Oreal! Christina does it for Coka Cola, Versace, Sketchers, Target and others. But that doesn’t matter. What’s wrong is that Britney does it right? Get over it.

=> She’s flopping in the charts: You guys hate someone because they don’t do as well as they use to? What’s up with those ‘Flopney’ thing? Whoever invented that really needs to get over it. Who even freaking cares if she sells 20 millions copies or 4 millions or 6,000 copies? Is it about music or what? Britney doesn’t even cares if she’s number one or not. She doesn’t even care if she doesn’t sell a lot. Why should you? Britney sold 3 millions for ‘Britney’ and Avril did the same with her first album. She’s consired a massive success but Britney a flop? Britney isn’t a flop. As the matter of fact, i’m sure she’s gonna be in the music business for a reaaaaaaalllllyy long time.

=> Her voice!!!: Okay, she doesn’t have the best voice and she knows it. Xtina and Jessica may have better voice. But Britney can defenitely sing. And if you say it isn’t true, you’re wrong. She can sing way better than all of you combine. Justin actually CAN’T sing really well and have a really annoying voice but nobody say he can’t sing. (sorry to the fans, i just really hate his voice)

=> Because she’s ugly: Okay, that’s weird. If she’s ugly, look at yourself in the mirror. Are you better? That’s the most stupid reason to hate someone. Because she’s ugly… psstt! Come on, you have to admit she’s beautiful. Not the most pretty girl in the WHOLE world but she’s not ugly. Just admit it.

=> Talentless: A lot of you say Britney have no talent. She’s a singer, dancer, songwritter, producer, entertainer, performer. You call that talentless? I would love to see if you guys can do better than her. Not only she’s a singer, but also an actress. And she’s right now producing a tv movie for ABC about her book ‘a Mother’s Gift’ which she wrote with her mom. She’s having several movie role. And will be probably playing in a movie with Tim Allen. I think she even had a small role for a play in Broadway when she was younger and appeared in two different commercial when she was still living in Louisiana. She won the Star Search and was in the Mickey Mouse Club. Now she’s the only artist to ever have 3 and 4 albums #1 in a row. She’s the youngest celeb to ever have her own star in the Hollywood Hall Of Fame. And sold over 52 millions copied worldwide. Talentless? Yeah, right!

I think i came across many of the reasons why you hate her. I still can’t see why because these are stupid reason of hating someone. Anyway, it’s your freaking problem. And i’m not only saying that because i’m a fan of hers but because i know a lot of people hate her without an excellent reason.

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21 thoughts on “Why Do You Hate Britney Spears?

  1. tjgop says:

    I don’t hate Britney I think I’m one of her biggest fan…i love Britney and I will support her till death…this should do a real fan… Britney you rock girl and your music is the best keep being good in what you do

  2. Jez says:

    Because she’s a talentless waste of space in the music industry, she’s a joke if someone thinks her so call talent is there then they clearly need their heads testing. Plus she’s turned into one of the many members of American public laughing stocks of society here in UK, we personally think she’s a joke, anyone with any shred of decency would know this, who likes good music anyhow.

    The crap that’s coming out of America’s stifling at the moment, it’s worrying clearly you need to shake up the talent and get some people out there who actually do have some talent instead of making it look like you Americans are retarded or something for liking this bullsh** talent!

  3. Jez says:

    Psst bit of advice, learn English to do it properly with proper grammar that’s the most ridiculous thing to read, its more like karaoke what she’s doing, miming all the time? What about singing properly, she needs to get her head properly sorted out, there’s better talent out there.


  4. bobby says:

    Britney CANNOT sing. Have you heard her try to harmonize? it was a complete joke!! She could not sing silent night! It’s hilarious that anybody would be believe this girl can sing. She is a good dancer however she cannot sing a lick! and no she does not write her own lyrics and or music… in fact she cannot read music either. they have someone sing it to her so she can follow using headphones.

  5. Miss Me says:


  6. DANIEL says:


  7. Gimme more says:

    Damn it , I can’t believe people are still hating her . She is one of the most talented people in the world….. you liked Britney before but you don’t like her now ??

  8. Robin says:

    She is one of the worst singers ever and she doesn’t write her own songs.

  9. The Legendary Mr. Jesse Michael says:

    ok well I’ve tried to figure out why people hate her so much…and now I know….it really is all stupid reasons….i guess people just expect for someone who is so perfect to just stay that way and be a bitch but when they mess up they should burn in hell….it wouldn’t matter if she absolutely sucked or was absolutely the best singer of all time….There would always be haters out there on her…they need to get lives

  10. The Legendary Mr. Jesse Michael says:

    I personally consider her my idol and she is a legend…so haters shut the f up

  11. PIECE OF ME says:

    it only proves that all of you doesn’t know Britney Spears, go to YouTube and look for Britney the evolution of her voice, it shows there that she can sing at a young age with powerful voice, however the video ended saying that she can’t sing that way now, but try to search for let go and baby boy by Britney Spears, and hear for yourself!!!! SHE CAN DANCE AND SHE CAN SING LIKE CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!!

  12. PIECE OF ME says:

    you know what she can’t sing silent night properly because that’s not her real voice, she just conditioned to fake her real voice, to sound unique. how about you try to sing w/different voice you will not feel comfortable too! If you don’t know she has a powerful voice like Christina Aguilera! try to search for the song soda pop, let go and baby boy! for the record you record you don’t know her because she wrote some of her song!!!

  13. Andrew says:

    Why? Because she lip syncs live and used auto voice tuning software in the studio. she is what is wrong with the record industry.

  14. Hey its me says:

    her music sucks she has no talent she’s a lesbian she’s so stupid she’s mean (example: the way she treats her kids)

  15. mrs. american dreams says:

    she’s the best ever!!!! there’s nothing I could say to you, nothing I could have to make you see what Britney means to me!!!

  16. PG says:

    It’s not because someone does a lot of things that they do it well. Yes, she is doing stuff here and there but she isn’t good in what she does.

    Furthermore, she is not the one writing her song or lyrics. And it’s not her voice you hear on her albums and music video. What you hear is a electronically studio changed voice.

    I’m not saying that she’s awful, just not good. She’s mediocre at best. She is only selling because people make her sing and dance on song with a beat that the mainstream will like.

  17. Jack Bush says:

    Britney Spears is the best singer love Britney. Haters are jealous.

  18. Jenn Perry says:

    Hey I love some of Britney’s music and she is a good singer ,she’s not a waste of time some may hate because of their own ridiculous reasons whoever wrote this article thank you ,I just want people to stop hating on Brit your opinion is yours I don’t care stop hating

  19. LiSyao says:

    She can’t sing. She has a horrible voice with horrible range. Being able to carry a tune is not the same as being a great singer. If you take the time to look at things objectively instead of being so defensive, you’d realize this. Just compare her with some of the greatest singers. Listen to their passion and the range and the power in their voices. She doesn’t have any of these things, and still enjoys great popularity and fame. I think one reason people hate her is because all of that money and time could have gone to someone who is actually deserving. Someone who writes their own music and someone who truly has an amazing voice. Also, someone who is a more positive role model. Instead it goes to someone mediocre at best.

  20. LiSyao says:

    I also wanted to point out that it’s completely unfair to people to bait them into thinking you’re open-minded about their opinions while the reality is that you just want to argue with anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

  21. YesMe says:

    haha 17 years later and her fans are the most pathetic people on the planet..

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