Why Does Christina Aguilera Try To Act Like She’s Classy?

Contributed Anonymously:

has been really annoying me lately. She is all the sudden trying to act as if she is this mature woman, who is now trying to be a spokes person for chose or lose campaign. She makes me laugh. The girl who was sitting there grinding up against naked wet girls in her videos with no clothing on in a shower, the girl who has posed in tons of magazines nude with her legs spread wide open to the camera …is trying to be a classy mature woman? A CLASSY woman wouldn’t spread her legs to the camera in photos…or barely wear any clothes. She talks about her private sex life 24/7 because she lacks depth. It seems that sex is the ONLY thing that’s a sure thing she will talk about in interviews. She has no intelligence at all and is not classy.

I don’t want to hear her dumb fans saying “she posed nude in the past she is over it”. I don’t care if she posed nude 20 years ago. She has made it a point to pose in grungy disgusting poses for years on end, and to talk about sex all the time. She still does. And her dressing with more clothing NOW, doesn’t make up for the image she portrayed for 3 years. The only reason she is famous now id due to her “dirrty” manufactured image that is sure to sell records and appeal to horny 12 year old boys. She did that to get attention and sell records because sex sells. Now that her album is over subsequently she stopped dressing like a whore. I am so sick of people saying “she is so classy” simply because she is trying to mimic Marilyn Monroe’s look. Look at pictures of her from years 2002 to the beginning of 2004. Is that classy?

You make excuses for her when she dresses like a tramp saying there is nothing wrong with her dressing how she wants, and then when she covers up you call her “classy”. LOL. What she does NOW doesn’t make up for her nasty image in the past. For once I’d love to read an interview without her talking about sex, or her sexuality. That’s all she can ever talk about because that’s the only thing she has knowledge.

Rappers don’t talk about sex in interviews as much as she does. In songs yes, but in interviews no. I have no respect for her whatsoever. She is a dumb high school drop out who needs to go back to school and learn some things with value. Instead of making whore comments like “I think girl on girl is sexier than guy on guy”…yeah she is ever so classy. She is nothing but a fake. Once her selling sex stopped appealing and started to get old she moved on to a new image and style. Than when this gets old she will go back to being her usual self and selling sex to sell records.

She is known for nothing more but being the “dirrty” girl. I couldn’t even tell you another thing about her because that’s all she talks about. She is an STD infested whore who needs to know how to act with class. Dressing and copying Marilyn Monroe doesn’t make you all the sudden have class. Neither does resorting to nudity and sex talk.

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4 thoughts on “Why Does Christina Aguilera Try To Act Like She’s Classy?

  1. Sam says:

    I agree with this article but I have seen too many women in Hollywood trying so hard to be Marilyn and the thing is Marilyn didn’t have to try.I think Christina does try too hard with the fake laugh in her interviews and the new look and all she should just be herself she’s a very gifted singer.

  2. USuck says:

    I think your reviews lack credibility. You’re obviously one-sided. Christina drives a Bentley, and you don’t. Try to earn as much as her ok before dissing. Before publishing an article, please ask yourself, “Will I ever get a Bentley out of this crap?”. You probably will defy this, but from now on, every time you write, there’d be a voice in your head saying “Will I ever be rich like the celebs I’m dissing?” “What is it am I trying to prove?” “No matter how sucky I think these celebs are, they still make more money than I will in 10 years…”

  3. USuck says:

    In your head: “I don’t know why I’m pursuing popdirt… I just don’t know why I’m pretending to be significant when these people I write about earn gazillion times more than I earn…wait, do I still have some nickels left to pay for the domain name…god, lemme check my piggy bank…”

  4. me says:

    There is nothing classy about her and your right she is a big hypocrite she speaks about loving her body and self but how can that be if she bought those boobs and butt implants and changed her nose and then goes around saying she loves being full figured but it didn’t come naturally? Christina also gets mad at the media for blasting her weight and says she’s comfortable in her skin then goes and loses the weight .Christina has no self esteem she has been ripping off Marilyn Monroe’s image for 11 years and trying to say and do everything Marilyn every quote, every photo spread Monroe did and it’s not classy it’s annoying and funny because Marilyn was not bow legged, short, dumpy and ragged looking like Christina .Flattery and copying for a little while is o.k. but to try to change herself into Marilyn and copy her everything from the way she draws in her brows and using plastic surgery to achieve a hopeless dream of becoming her, she is in need of therapy.Christina needs to start being herself get rid of the ratty platinum hair,fake blue contacts,too big boob implants,booty implants, too tight outfits and get real and be remembered for her great vocals not be remembered for being Marilyn Monroe’s top wannabe. Marilyn Monroe died years ago and we are not getting her back so Christina, Gwen S, and various posers should get their own look and their own style.

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