Why Does Daniel Powter Always Wear Hats?

The Associated Press caught up with for a Q&A and finally asked the singer what’s the deal with him always wearing hats, with many people assuming he’s balding. “Actually it’s funny. It’s like a security blanket,” he responded. “I can keep my head down and it feels like a buffer. Someone asked me if I play piano because I feel like I have a protective wall around me. Maybe. I am really messed up (laughs). I need to get on a couch and see a shrink!”

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Daniel Powter Always Wear Hats?

  1. jaime says:

    His head has a tattoo over most of his head , (I Think)

  2. Sam says:

    He wears a hat as he has scars on his head because he was a hit by a car when he was younger..

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