Why Does Everything Have To Be A Battle?

Contributed Anonymously:

Does anyone else feel like the postings on this site keep getting more and more immature? Yes, I am referring to the Vs Battle. Oh, Christina is a better singer! Britney sold more records! Christina’s newest CD outsold In The Zone in this country! Britney has had more top 40 hits! Who cares who is better? Does it affect what type of music or what artists you like to listen to? No! I like Britney and I know that Christina is an excellent vocalist. I don’t hate Christina because she is not Britney….I just prefer Britney’s music. It is more catchy and I like that is seems to be fun and playful. And that is my opinion.

A lot of people like both girls and it just gets sickening that people go around and attack them all the time or attack their fans. Get over the fact that not everyone likes the same person you do and get over the fact that both girls are very good artists and both have done amazing things and will continue to be amazing people. Not everything needs to be a competition. I am sick of reading posts titled: “What’s annoying about Britney fans” or “Why do people like Christina Aguilera.” How can people stand to read rude remarks about themselves for liking one of the two leading pop super-divas?

I personally don’t like coming to this site and seeing a post about what makes me annoying because I like Britney and I bet it is likewise for Christina fans. It’s degrading when I did nothing to deserve people and nothing for people to want to judge me. We are all people and we all have one thing in common…we like pop superstars…so why can’t we all just stop belittling each other. These personal attacks on Britney and Christina and their fans need to stop.

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