Why Does Lance Bass Want To Travel To Space?

Orley Hood of the Clarion-Ledger has a funny look at Lance Bass’ quest to rocket up to the international space station, including his top 10 reasons for wanting to do it. Amongst the reasons:

1) Nobody from the Backstreet Boys has the nerve to do it.
6) To impress Britney Spears.

No Room For Lance Bass Delays Says NASA Spokesman

August 27, 2002 – NASA’s Kyle Herring, a spokesman for the Johnson Space Center explained to the Houston Chronicle why *NSYNC star Lance Bass is already doing his training without any guarantees he’ll be making the October 28th scheduled launch, having still not paid the $20 million tab. “You need to get the training done because if you put that on hold, you are basically compressing a schedule that does not need to be compressed any more.”

Russians Patience Running Thin With Lance Bass

August 27, 2002 – The New York Daily News reports Konstantin Kreidenko, a rep for the Russian Aviation and Space Agency says *NSYNC star Lance Bass went through “the training part [in Russia] went in a satisfactory manner, but the final results will be seen in a preflight test that he will have to pass.” Still, that won’t mean anything unless he can round up the necessary $20 million to make the flight. “We are in constant talks with the American side, but our patience isn’t limitless,” he said. “Except for their promises, we’ve received nothing from them. Nothing at all.” David Krieff, one of Bass’s sponsors insisted the deal is “100% going forward.”

Cargo to Replace Lance Bass If Funds Don’t Come

August 22, 2002 – MirCorp President Jeffrey Manber tells Space.com that if Lance Bass of *NSYNC is unable to secure financing for the Soyuz capsule bound for the International Space Station in November, his spot will be replaced by a cargo container. “If we don’t solve the contract issues in the next couple days, Lance will not fly and a cargo container will fly instead,” he said. “That’s the plan.”

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