Why Duarte Waited 3 Years To File *NSYNC Racism Suit

The Enquirer has more details on *NSYNC’s former tour manager Ibrahim Duarte, who filed a $10 million lawsuit November 25 in New York Supreme Court, saying he was fired without warning in 2000 — after suffering a constant barrage of racial remarks, incidents and humiliation. Asked why he took so long to file the suit, Duarte’s attorney said, “Duarte thought long and hard about it before coming forward because he wanted to ensure he’d be able to get future jobs and he didn’t want to be known in the business as somebody who couldn’t be trusted. In the end, he thought it was important that the truth be told. Ibrahim lived with these guys for years and knows these kids. It shows a side to them that a lot of people hadn’t seen before. Frankly, when these kids needed him they treated him O.K. And when they got into positions where they could kind of flex their muscles, they just threw him out in the street. We’re looking for justice, that’s all we want.”

‘No Question That Will Record Another Album’

December 22, 2003 – Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe caught up with star JC Chasez ahead of his gig at the Avalon on Saturday night. JC talked about the pressure of trying to escape the shadow of his bandmate Justin Timberlake, which he says doesn’t exist for him. “Justin’s a superstar. He’s always had the spotlight on him,” Chasez said. “I don’t feel that pressure. I make the tunes, and hopefully people show up. I would love that. If they don’t, I still get to go back in the studio and hang out with my friends.”

Meanwhile the article states: “There is no question that will record another album.” Read more.

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