Why Everybody Loves Hilary Duff

Contributed anonymously:

is like the coolest and most like coolest artist, singer, and actress in the music business these days! Everybody wants to be like her, dress like her, sing like her, act like her, and like also be like her! Read on for the reasons why EVERYBODY loves Hillary Duff.

1) C’mon, she’s soo cute and adorable!

2) She’s original, she doesn’t try to be a Britney Spears wannabe and doesn’t make up obvious lies about her morals and virtues that she won’t even keep.

3) She’s very humble and honest

4) Unpredictable

5) Has great music that gets to the point, and has a pretty good voice that’s not trying to show off; she just sings!

6) Great fashion sense!

7) She’s successful in acting and singing (unlike some people).

8) Doesn’t dress provocative and crap to get attention and to look like a fool.

9) Doesn’t say she believes in the sanctity of marriage than runs off to Las Vegas to get married for 5 minutes.

10) Doesn’t smoke or drink (those are bad for you guys! Stay drug free!)

There’s like soo much more I can say about the most beautiful, cute, sexy, and coolest teenager ever, which is the one and the only Hilary Duff! Wahooo!

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