Why I Can’t Stand Justin Timberlake

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of *NSYNC is one of the most pretentious, self-indulgent “little” pop stars we have gracing the cover of magazines and TV shows today. He is not only selfish and immature, but he, himself, overrates his talent (or lack-thereof) so much that he feels the need to imitate the likes of real musicians to get undeserved attention recognition. One minute he’s playing the guitar and the next minute, he’s got a drumstick? Trying too hard should be against the law.

The second point I want to make is just how much crap can this egocentric joke get away with?

Either he has the greatest star quality that a person has ever possessed (uhh… somewhat disputable) or has the greatest PR team ever assembled. I vote for the second option.

People refuse to stop paying attention to this crybaby for reasons beyond me. I am forced to pay attention to him through our media because people somehow like him, thus pasting his ugly mug all over town for days when he so much as picks Sunny D over purple stuff for his afternoon juicy juice.

I simply detest him and I don’t think he has one ounce of talent to his name, aside from being able to manipulate teenies into believing he actually knows what a chord is. The worst part is that even though he is pulling stunt after stunt, and getting away with it scot-free, he will probably be remembered as some sort of soul man extraordinaire… thus prompting me to hear commercials in my old age about how this moron caused millions to cry a river after his joke of a career comes to a close.

A plea to America, Europe, Australia, Japan and any other country this no-talent is famous in… STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM AND MAYBE HE’LL GO AWAY!

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One thought on “Why I Can’t Stand Justin Timberlake

  1. anonymous2 says:

    I feel the same way about this situation brotha/sista!

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