Why I Hate Comparing Britney Spears To Christina Aguilera

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I am a boy from Austria and visit Popdirt.com regularly and every post I read is about and Christina Aguilera. I think it’s really annoying because you can’t compare them. Britney’s really brought it to something. She sold over 100 million records and that’s great – but she isn’t the best. Yes, she still has got a lot of fans but her best times are over. Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Alicia Keys etc. they beat her out. They make fantastic music, they have beautiful voices and they are talented. Britney is only too over appreciated, I think. And I am so tired to hear comparing Christina with Britney – it makes no sense. You could also compare Usher to Robbie Williams. They are totally different in many ways. Britney makes pop (if she makes it anyway) and Christina makes Soul/Jazz. Britney is always lip-synching but Christina trusts her strong voice. Britney is a performer and a puppet of the media – Christina is a real singer. That’s my opinion.

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13 thoughts on “Why I Hate Comparing Britney Spears To Christina Aguilera

  1. Chelsea says:

    Apparently, people in Austria don’t know how to listen to music. Britney Spears is NOT a puppet of the media. Yes, Christina’s voice is good, but that doesn’t mean Britney’s is not. It takes more talent and work to be a good performer, dancing is just as hard as singing. What is the use of having a string voice if you can’t perform it well on stage? If your so sick of people comparing them, why are you doing the same? Your a hypocrite.

  2. jennna says:

    first of all I agree with Chelsea Britney Spears is the pop princess she right after Madonna Christina isn’t and I’m sorry Britney Spears look through all the sh** that she been trough in the last year everyone loves her and people always compare Christian too Britney is because Britney is so high up there that Christina can’t even reach her on how famous she is

  3. duh says:

    There is absolutely no comparison… Christina Aguilera EXUDES is an absolute marvel…Britney is just a pop-icon.

  4. John says:

    Marvel? Huh Christina is only “voice” and 0 brains or anything else. She has got everything but lacks the skill and the charisma to stand out of the crowd. Britney, 27 only and holds the title of a LEGEND. And I am totally surprised when people bash Britney saying that she has no singing talent? I have seen her singing live(ok only thrice) but please that voice is a “singing voice” better than Madonna, Kylie, Nelly Furtado or such singers but nobody says anything about them just because Britney reached that top where only she is today. That “voice” sold 100 million records. Sorry but this is the TRUTH! Digest it.

  5. Juan says:

    Well, I’m tired of Christina’s fans ,they are so stupid!! they always said that Britney has not talent and that sells millions of albums don’t make her better than Aguilera, well, stupid people, the albums are bought by the people !!! so, it means that Britney is the favorite between people, Aguilera has more Grammys??? Yes ,but you can buy an award ,everybody does it ha ha, and anyway, the Grammy is the “gift” that a small group of “experts” give to the artist that they think is better, is not the public opinion, Britney is a legend, a full packet artist, she has everything, she dances, she sings, she acts, she is funny, beautiful, famous and everybody prefers her, so if Aguilera is so great why she can’t reflect that in her album’s sales?” or in her popularity?? nobody likes her!!! yes ,she has a really stronger voice but it doesn’t mean that is better than Britney’s, Aguilera scream in all of her song , all of them is the same scream with an “Oh, uh, ooh you ooh” is always the same crap ,also ,if we are talking about “voice” there are more singer with better voice than Aguilera ,like Celine Dion , Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, even Jessica Simpson has a better voice than Aguilera, so, as you can see there is a lot of singer with great voice better than Aguilera, but show me just one better than Britney?? Madonna used to be the queen, but not anymore, Britney is the one who has the power in music right now ,she is an icon ,a legend ,a diva ,and Aguilera was ,is and will be forever Britney’s shadow ,and nobody can’t change that ,so ,Aguilera’s fans ,get over it!!! and leave Britney alone !!! LOSERS!!

  6. july says:

    Britney is a puppet. Britney is so superficial. Christina Is a Great Singer & She can dance and Sing LIVE When she Wants to=] the reason why Britney has sold so many albums is because she released them year after year while Christina actually took 3 year period to bring something new (unlike Britney)

  7. july says:

    No Britney has no singing talent. Christina is considered “Voice of Our generation” And “Legendtina”

  8. Lewis says:

    The only people who like Britney Spears are girls and RAGING gays. Christina Aguilera hasn’t sold as many records… but does that mean she isn’t better? so that means that the person/people who have sold the most albums is better? no it doesn’t. Elvis Presley is the most sold artist I think with over 1 billion sales. does this make him a better singer than Britney ? no… it doesn’t.

  9. moonscraper says:

    Here’s a better explanation. Britney’s voice sold 100 million records FOR A REASON! That reason is people love her voice. So talking about who’s the better singer is POINTLESS! Part of the reason Britney is so well liked is because her voice is truly unique and has it’s own beauty. The sound on her CD’s is fantastic, and no, I’m talking about any electronic effects because she has plenty of tracks without those. Her voice sound is a must have for a lot of people. And she sings beautifully when allowed to relax. It’s when she’s supposed to go live that she gets lazy and lip syncs. For those who think she can’t sing at all and it’s all propped up in the studio. You’re idiots, lol. That is a nice fantasy, but if you listen to about 20 or 30 of her tracks you can tell the girl can sing. Is she as strong as Aguilera? No. But it’s HOW she sings it that people love. Disagree with me? Then there must be 100 million guns pointed at 100 million heads forcing people to listen then. (which I doubt). People just get tired of someone being #1, so they love to beat them down. It happens with all big stars. Britney isn’t the only one.

  10. MusicMaster says:

    First of all to the person that said Britney Spears releases her albums year after year should maybe get their facts straight before mentioning that. The first 3 years yes, but after that she released her other albums 2 years later and then 5 years later, I don’t call that year after year. But you must also understand, if you want to be a good artist it is not a smart thing to do to always release albums 3 years, 4 years, 5 years later. Britney is on top of her game for a reason, that reason is (working hard). If I should start comparing the number of albums and sales to Christina’s I might as well write a book about it, since that would be too long. But at the end of the day, if you’re comparing the 2, you have to go back in history to when they first started performing as children. The Star Search days and the Mickey Mouse club days. Yes Christina is the better singer, yes Britney is the better performer. Yes Christina has more Grammy awards, yes Britney has more sales. Neither of that makes one a better artist than the other. At the end of the day its always about pleasing their fans, I’m sure they did not get signed to out do the other in any of the above mentioned and more. Quite frankly I’m a fan of both so I will not be biased for another. This is facts and honesty, and for as long as they are both alive and making music, they will always be compared, you or I cannot stop that. It’s just like comparing the Grammy’s to the Oscar’s. None is a better award than the other. They were both made to honor people for their wonderful work. So in all, Britney and Christina both has fans, both have received at least one Grammy, both have successful careers. Keep in mind that a successful career is one who can always come back everytime and still have a #1 record with sold out concerts and tours, and both have done that and still doing it! So quit arguing about who sings better and who dances better!! They’re both great in different ways!!!!

  11. Emily says:

    Honestly, Britney/Xtina fanatics really aggravate me. I don’t bash Britney Spears nor do I compare her to Christina. The whole Britney versus Christina Aguilera competition is ridiculous. Honestly, Britney has catchy tunes, but I don’t care for her music either. Catchy tunes is what sells in the music industry. Honestly, I have not really researched Britney’s music, but I prefer Christina’s music because it’s not just mush. She tries to say something with her music and I really enjoy that. She’s controversial and fearless. I could care less if she’s not number one…and honestly, that will not matter thirty years from now. Songs that touch the heart and make you feel something are those that are remembered…popular music fades. I’m going to remember Beautiful for the rest of my life, not If You Seek Amy.

  12. juan says:

    I mean ,come on !!! Aguilera HAD a pretty voice years ago ,now it’s gone !!! look at this video :(


    this is “YOU LOST ME” live from many performances ,it’s her best song since beautiful years ago ,and she can’t reach the high notes her voice is TERRIBLE !! Britney can sing ,why ?? because she don’t over abused of her voice before ,nowadays maybe she’s smoking but not as much as 2007 , but Britney keeps her voice ,Christina doesn’t ,sad ,yes ,but it’s the reality , also Britney still sales more than Aguilera ,circus 4.5 millions ,bionic 450k in 2 months and a half ,sad :( ,I think Aguilera is flopping so hard because she is arrogant ,she needs to be humble ,she’s always fake and mean and bashing on more famous artist than her. I think she doesn’t deserve such a terrible end but that’s what you get when you stop being a human and you start to believe you’re God , sorry Christina fans , Aguilera is going to be 100 feet under for her attitude , and Britney is going to continue using playback, selling million albums and reaching # 1 worldwide with her sweet personality :)

  13. Selphie says:

    They both suck.

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