Why I Hate Justin Timberlake

Contributed by popnicklover:

When Rolling Stone magazine called the new “King of Pop”, I nearly puked. He is in NO WAY the new King of Pop. He’s only had one hit album–that didn’t even peek at #1 on the Billboard Charts–a couple of hit singles, and won a few awards. Big deal. Does that rightfully give him the “King of Pop” title?! No! After all, didn’t become King of Pop overnight.

So why, might I ask, is there this sudden interest in Justin? Perhaps it’s his looks, though to me he is ugly. Or maybe it’s his dancing. But let’s face it: anybody can dance when they’ve got the right choreographer…he certainly didn’t make up those dance moves himself. Just like anyone can look good when they work out every day at a gym and wear makeup and style their hair the right way.

So really WHAT is it? It can’t be his singing…he sounds like a GIRL! Songwriting? Nah…he didn’t write any of his songs. So I conclude that it’s gotta be the hype around Justin and his doomed relationship with Britney Spears. A pop star, whom at the time, was a lot more famous than himself. He completely used Britney to sell records. If you Justin fans can’t see this than you’ve been brainwashed by him. He made everyone think that he was totally innocent in the little game they played. He called Britney the “cheater” and basically begged for sympathy. Well, it looks like he got his wish, didn’t he? He’s nothing but a tool to the music industry. A publicity whore.

Justin is also very bitchy and rude to his fans. One time, while he was eating at a restaurant surrounded by eleven–ELEVEN?!?!?!–bodyguards, he told some fans to “fu** off” cause he was only there to eat a hamburger. Then he had his PUBLICIST apologize to the fans…he didn’t even have the decency to apologize himself. He has also dissed his own group, *NSYNC, calling them “Disneyland”, and must have stores closed especially for him so he can shop alone. Who does he think he is, anyway? The President of the United States?!?!?!

Anyway, finally we’re onto his so-called “talents”, or lack there of. Face it…he sounds like a girl. Tries way too hard to copy Michael Jackson, and even stole some of Michael’s left over songs and just basically changed the lyrics. If it weren’t for the Neptunes and Timbaland, his album would be average, according to the critics. Even to me it is still an average pop/R&B album. Nothing special. HE’S nothing special. Just because he hangs out with the right people he’s suddenly become the “hottest thing around”. Gee–if I hang out with the right people and pretend to have talent, will I become famous like him, too?! Suddenly makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

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85 thoughts on “Why I Hate Justin Timberlake

  1. marce says:

    thank you!

  2. Aspen says:

    I couldn’t agree more. A one hit wonder is what he is. A “falloutboy” from “Imsyk”. He is very much a joke. Mine is not a hate but more like a pity for a human sole that would consider himself something he is far from and then do charity work just to fit in. Alas poor Jessica Biel, she must have been hard up, very hard up. The best video I have seen with Justo boy in it was the commercial where Jeff Gordon runs him over with his car. That should be published world wide!

  3. paul says:

    i was just looking around to see who else hates this…. *insert profanity here*
    for years I have know deep in my heart that there is nothing in this world more important than making Justin Timberlake shut the hell up, I personally have committed to memory the beginning of each of his songs, why I hear you ask.
    so I can smash whatever is playing it, light it on fire and put out the burning embers with my own urine.
    so in closing I say to you well done for sharing the opinion that he should be gagged for eternity or at least please someone make him cry me a river so I can watch and laugh until I puke or die

  4. Allie says:

    if you haven’t noticed, Justin’s had like a bunch of hits! that doesn’t make him a one-hit-wonder. duh.

  5. amy says:


  6. Lani says:

    Justin Timberlake is a douche tool. He used Britney to launch his own solo career. He is completely rude to his fans. Those of his fans just if you ever see him go up and say hi to him. Jessica Biel is a total b. in person, by the looks of it she is the man and he is the b. Justin cheated on Britney as well, regardless of who cheated first, he def. wasn’t the innocent one. If I were ever to see him in person, I would tell that lil B. to stop whining.

  7. Christina says:

    OMG!!! ARE YOU SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! He’s jerk!

  8. Chunk says:

    I can’t stand Justin Timberlake. You see I didn’t even capitalize his name. He is the prime of example of marketing 98% and talent 2%. He can’t sing worth a lick and yes, he does sound like a girl or a kid at 8 years old. Just because he does all of that rifting doesn’t mean anything either! Sounds like somebody is shaking him to death. I hate to say it and I also think he thinks he is black. He tries to come across so hip and crap that it disgusts me. He is about as street as Charlie Brown. It’s a crime that people like him AND Brittney make money when there is so much real talent out there!

  9. Lori says:

    I can’t stand Justin Timberlake!! he is a phoney, ugly, idiot. He has no talent, and just got famous from pure luck just like his ugly no talent ex Britney Spears (another no talent) waste of space person. I wish he would just go completely away…he’s nothing..and he has absolutely NO sexy, so how can he bring it back?…there is NOTHING sexy about him, a glass of milk is sexier than this idiot Timberlake is!!

  10. MARK says:

    Justin is gay that’s the real truth… yes he dates hot girls, that’s just a mask… LANCE BASS is a real man for admitting he is gay… Justin is afraid to come out of the closet… he sings like a co** is up his ass… sexy back??? where did sexy go? it’s always been here… Justin is a punk… I can read people very well and he’s not who he seems to be… MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE BEST !!! and he is the real deal!!! go home Justin Timberlake

  11. JD says:

    YES you r so right! I have to admit that I like his songs but don’t like the way he got so f* famous – Britney and Timbaland. JC needs to go date someone famous RIGHT NOW because clearly you can’t go anywhere based on just talent…

  12. erick says:

    I’m totally agreed he is on idiot and he can’t sing, he can’t dance and he so ugly. Why people? Why? He is trash!

  13. no name says:

    he’s voice is soulless he’s not even a cutie there is nothing hot about him well he’s a trush n’uff saying :@
    i’m a NSYNC fan I really hate how he use’em & brit 2 get famous than he dump’em
    he don’t deserve all that attention JC & lance were much better singers
    go and check JC awesome solo CD who nobody heard of it!

  14. D says:

    Thank God someone tells the truth about this no-talent! I was beginning to think it was me; Was I too old to appreciate what he does?
    I am shocked when people like Ellen promote him! I agree with Chunk-“Its 98% marketing…” Mediocrity is embraced.

  15. Jenny says:

    I am so relieved to know that I’m not alone. I can’t say or listen to his name, makes me sick. My co-workers know that his name is not allowed around me, that is how much I can’t stand him. He has no voice and he’s sexy as a brick. He’s just very luck, he knows and uses the right people. I wish more people could see that.

  16. mary says:

    thank you for taking the time to address this issue. for years now I have been baffled, confused and insulted that this is what the media presents and a ‘sex symbol’ I know women aren’t as visual as men, but my god, this is a very unattractive young man. and the way he presents himself as some kind of gangster, smooth talking tough guy, is like some thing I could immagine in a will farrel movie. If it wasn’t such a depressing example of popular culture it would be funny.

    uhhh bonno also freaks me out

  17. kristine says:

    I agree with everyone here. I used to be an NSYNC fan and my favorite was JC. I was so dissappointed when Justin left the group and had his solo career. I don’t think he deserves the fame at all. His voice sucks and all his dance moves are so “copycats” from MJ. In fact, I think JC is more deserving to get the fame. He’s more than just a handsome face! He’s voice is really nice and definitely a dances better than that Timberlake! That’s why, a part of me wants to blame him for the break-up of the group!

  18. hope says:

    wow!!! I think all of y’all are just jealous cause you don’t have the talent of one of the sexiest people alive. GET OVER IT LOSERS AND GET A LIFE…

  19. MARK says:



  20. Adrina says:

    I think Justin Timberlake is so successful in his career if he wasn’t he wouldn’t reach this point, he has a true talent Britney didn’t make him famous come on.. he has the talent, mind, creativity.. people you have to admit if someone wasn’t good enough he would have come and go easily.. tell me what did Britney do to make her continue with her career she screwed her life and we totally understand that she is going through hard and now she is trying to go bk on track its normal for anyone of us, but don’t come and say that she made him, he made himself, what makes him successful that he has the brain in music even busisness wise.. totally respect what you think but you have to always look at things in a different way cause sometimes ur wrong..and please don’t forget that we r all human being so please stop judging people from outside.. and if it was that easy to become someone like Justin why you didnt..?? you should try..:)

  21. MARK says:


  22. bujeeta says:

    you know what is so funny when you look at the pics of Justin Timberlake when he first used to be in N’Sync he used to look so cute and handsome, but all of a sudden when he stopped dying his hair blonde, and he came out looking natural the way god had intended for him to look, he looks so ugly, but I am so fascinated that he looked so cute when he was in N’SYNC. I think he has no talent, no looks, and that he’s phony, and I think he used the success from his previous group to get famous and used Britney as well, I think he went hip hop to get back at Britney cause she’s more famous than him and always will be, he’s just a nobody. he can’t accept the fact that his time/fame has come to an end
    i honestly think that god gives some people fame and not others, but I honestly believe he was never really famous and that his time is up. he was only famous for breaking up with Britney Spears, and leaving N Sync he hasn’t made an album in years and Jessica Biel is ugly and not really famous and always tells him that she wants to get married and have his kid, cause she can’t get herself a better looking and more successful man

  23. pop sensation! says:

    LOL wow you all should read this forum!!


  24. buzz says:

    I think Justin’s just a JERK. JC’s the coolest guy. Everytime I go thru NSYNC videos I think Justin’s just a face and JC’s the 1 who doing the real work!

  25. mary says:

    He is disgusting, nasty and obscene.

  26. Optimus Prime-Real Estate says:

    Why I can’t stand this tool is because he acted like he was down with the “hip hop” Black scene, and then once they gave him a slice of cred, he dumped his black supporters. I’m still trying to understand how HE ripped off the Janet’s breast cover, and everyone blamed HER. Even if it was staged, he (as the bra ripper) should have taken most of the heat. He didn’t even stand by her. What a punk. He’d let another man beat on his girlfriend and would run away.

  27. dodado says:

    over rated dog. I hate his face, his voice ,his wannabe soul sound,his gotta have all the pretty girls in show business persona, I hate this guy he does not deserve any recognition. one day he is gonna tell us he is gay. watch!

  28. Josh luvs Britney ??? says:

    Justin Timberlake is a huge knob! he totally used Britney, who I adore, and he had the cheek of using the Britney lookalike in one of his crap music videos. he doesn’t deserve any of the fame and money he has, and I hope his career doesn’t last much longer!

  29. Tanya says:

    At last, I realize I am not alone in my dislike for Justin Timberlake… I felt sorry for him when Britney broke his heart but he would need a heart in the first place to break right?… why would he refer to Britney in his concerts and then sing ‘that girl is crazy’ and other music to imply that Britney has problems. How immature, only an insecure person (I cannot say man) would do that.

    He cheats on all the girls hes with and when Lindsey Lohan outed him for cheated he put the pressure on her by outing her from the clubbing scene and putting a bad word on her… she had to admit that someone hacked her account (yeah right!) for someone who wanted Britney to ‘cry me a river’ with his PR of ‘poor me’ ‘I’m the victim’ he is the cheater of the century… no class!!!

    I hate his music, he doesn’t have a patch on Michael Jackson or any of the talents people compare him too… I wouldn’t dislike him so much if he wasn’t such a chauvinistic and arrogant fool!

  30. yellow says:

    OMG.. finally someone has seen the truth!..BRITNEY MADE Justin…she was at her peak and he was riding her coattails..think about it, whats happened to the other band members?..they’ve vanished!..he’s name was still spoken of BECAUSE of Britney…he’s music is crap, the only reason its catchy is because of the beats not his voice..oh and now he thinks he’s a clothing designer, he pays people to sketch and make clothes and credits himself for being a designer….

    ..and to top it off now he’s an actor..he’s voice and face is so irritating..and how convenient he is dating a fellow actor!…Britney all over again!…but since Jessica has been with Justin her career has gone downhill..lol.. please people stop giving him roles, he’s not good…

    Oh can people please stop saying he was good in the social network..he had this tiny part with like 5 lines..and he was terrible..

  31. milly says:

    Justin Timberlake is a douche I use to like him then I started watching his old videos on YouTube and became a little obsessed until I came over this one moment where I believe he won his first Grammy and as he was getting off the stage he had this grin and cockiness that I can’t shake off till this day… its weird but it was so cocky he walked past the people who presented it to him and just that moment that grin UGHHH THAT IS WHEN I REALIZED I HATE THIS GUY… not to mention that he sounds stupid in every interview it seems like he always answers questions differently or doesn’t understand… or he will try to use words he kinda doesn’t understand… all of a sudden I feel SICK when I see him.. I actually use to have a crush on him… but now I’m ready to puke….

  32. Sebastian says:

    He is just a public vase and can’t you people entertain more and be a little less harsh though? See the face, ignore the sole because he might not care about it so much.

  33. Monica says:

    Thank you! Justin Timberlake is the biggest douche bag to ever walk the face of the earth. His music isn’t original at all. He’s ugly, and now he’s trying to act. GAHH! Whenever I see him in a movie it is completely ruined. He definitely used Britney. He has an ego which is clearly compensating for something small–if you know what I mean.

  34. Marcus from Sweden says:

    Met Justin when he and Jessica was in Sweden couple years ago.We lived in same Hotel(Elite Hotel Plaza) and he was very very rude to everyone at the Hotel but mostly to his you fans. Also when he walked out in town he yelled to fans to f off and he threw things down from the upper floors on fans,an eaten peach and an eaten apple..and that was thrown at girls age 14-15 who just stood outside the Hotel they did nothing at all to him. He also pointed f you to some guys at town and was the biggest douche bag ever. I had no opinion what so ever before but after Ive seen how he behaved against his own fans and to people in general It was embarrassing. He is a grown man but behaved like he was 12 years old. What a jerk and looser.Who behaves like that against 14-15 year old girls I mean beats me.After his visit in Sweden I disliked him very much. Excuse my English not very good but had to say this.Every bad thing about Justin Nerd Timberlake is true.He must have a very big ego throwing and bullying 14 year old girls. One word for you Justin: Grow the f up.

  35. B says:

    @ 34 thanks for telling your story I’ve heard so many of the same stories before but wasn’t sure if it was true or just gossip. But with so many first hand accounts I have read over time I believe to be true now. I just came upon this site and decided to read the post I actually used to like JT I even went to his futuresex concert I can’t believe I wasted my money. Over time I saw how cocky he can be and how he used Britney. He cheated on her too and has cheated so many times on Jessica Biel everyone knows this but let’s it slide I don’t know why if anything he’s a big hypocrite (cry me a river means nothing now). He can never reach MJ status king of pop my ass he hasn’t even reached off the wall status lol. At least MJ didn’t treat his fans like crap he even would give them blankets too keep them warm and food to eat when they would sleep outside his hotel he NEVER threw things at them. JT has no class and he deserves to lose his fame because he can’t respect his fans the people who made him. I’m so over this two face loser.

  36. MARK says:


  37. alyssa says:

    this is so wrong !!! Justin is a true artist.. he has it all..people only have a problem with him because they are against boy bands..if jt was never in NSYNC no one would have a problem with him

  38. Janice says:

    He is annoying and there are way more talented people out there than him. I just ask why, how and wtf?!?!?

  39. Joe says:

    I totally agree! Britney loved him and he broke her heart like a girl breaks a bracelet! He is a douche- hate on him, not on the younger, more talented Justin!

  40. Bernadette says:

    I’m sure I speak for the majority of the people who posted on this blog when I say our dislike of JT has nothing to do with him having been in a boy band. This dislike is genuine and stems from his arrogance, his pseudo-blackness, his lack of talent and hideous face. I concur that his success should be limited. I’m so tired of hearing his voice, seeing his face and watching his plagiarized dance moves. Brit Spears is phenomenal. I have seen many interviews with both JT and Brit. She has never uttered a bad word about JT. The same cannot be said about JT, he has slammed her in interviews. Very immature. Is there a petition we can side to have JT removed from the entertainment industry?

  41. Kristi says:

    Alyssa: You are an idiot. A true artist? Are you f’ing kidding me??

    Let’s go over the facts:

    1. Doesn’t have any original dance moves. Hires choreographer.

    2. Doesn’t write his own lyrics, or music.

    Examples of true artists:

    Chris Cornell

    Maynard James Keenan

    Eddie Vedder

    Kurt Cobain

    Chuck D.

    Tupac Shakur

    John Popper

    Dave Matthews

    Trent Reznor

    Marilyn Manson

  42. ... says:

    I used to like him in *NSYNC ever since he go solo i don’t like him his music really sucks and he seems to have forgotten about his old friend like JC and the rest. I mean I did see *NSYNC video JC seems tired from performing but he still goes on and Justin have ego that’s why he don’t wanna do a reunion but he will still be successful if he were stay with *NSYNC.


    Not only is he an immoral person, Justin Timberlake is a complete joke and has no musical talent whatsoever! Justin Timberlake is a selfish egotistical financially wealthy macho man who never treated other people with love and charity and or never contributed to making his country the United States a better place to live with his public service or donations to charity of any kind! How could Justin Timberlake have any musical talent when Justin does not play any musical instrument, Justin does know how to sing on key, and Justin does not write any of the songs he sings and records? Likewise how could Justin Timberlake be cool or be handsome or be the southern gentleman Justin pretends to be with his small bug eyes that resemble an insect’s eyes, Justin’s eye glasses and hats look like the type of eyeglasses and hats that only old men would wear, Justin’s short fuzzy curly hair looks like he is a sheep not a human being, Justin’s tacky clothes that he wears publicly and in his photo shoots seen on the cover of magazines look like they were bought at K-mart or J.C. Penney’s, Justin’s horrible fashion sense and nerdy haircut makes Justin look like Pee Wee Herman’s twin brother or one of the 3 Stooges? How could Justin Timberlake treat other people with love and charity when Justin always displays his mean macho caveman manners towards women with the disrespectful way he treats all his girlfriends by cheating on them and then bragging about his love affairs with other women publicly to the media! Justin Timberlake also has no close friends and is famous for his rude anti-social behavior towards the general public wherever he travels in the world! Fortunately for the the good people in this world, Justin Timberlake is a narcissistic parasite who will someday account to Almighty God for his immoral life!

  44. forget JT says:

    his appearance is average, he’s not ugly, he’s not attractive, he looks like everyone. So without beeing a famous singer, not one girl/woman will look after him.
    He himself finds him boring.
    His qualities?
    Strong energy, will, concentration, … and this above average. So the show business likes him. He’s a product of the show industry. A successful product.

    I hate those videos, who prevent that every girl/woman falls in love with JT, what a rubbish. They got paid for to do so.

    What JT is on stage, he’s not in real life. In real life he’s a boring, uninteresting person. And because in normal life nobody finds him interesting, he has a lot of time preparing shows etc. That’s is. JT is a sleeping tablet.

    And he has no real n° 1 hit. Not one song that became famous all over the world. Yes, he can sing. But nothing exiting. Girls voice, yes. JT … RIP.

  45. Zack says:

    I know that some people have their own reasons for hating Justin, but come on, to say he has no talent is somewhat ignorant and blinded in hatred
    He DOES write his lyrics and he CAN sing. Throughout most of the time that he has been a presence, I have somehow been inclined to dislike him for many reasons. However, as I’m going through his songs lately, I have gained appreciation for his music. If you check out Think She Knows interlude, it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. He is a pretty funny guy although some may not get his humor. He is among one of the best SNL hosts and he can act actually pretty well. I’m not saying hes the best actor nor the greatest singer, but you have to give credit for talent when its due. Also, if you think he cant sing, check out his FutureSex/LoveShow on youtube, it is pretty awesome. He’s cool in my book.

  46. jtupyours says:

    That dude is one ugly mutha! I swear, if I saw him on the street , I’d flip him some change. WTF do women see in this bastard???
    and I ain’t talking about cheap lays in a club either. he gets the hottest rich/famous babes – but…..how???
    and why is it that women will go for a dude that gets laid with different women almost daily – WTF are they thinking???

  47. JTeatme says:

    Dude, your name is “Zack” – enuff said

  48. Jamie says:

    Zack, he might write his own stuff. But, there’s a huge difference between being a songwriter with talent and just being any old songwriter who writes more regurgitated crap. JT is the latter and he CAN’T sing whatsoever. He sounds like girl, or worse a wounded lamb. OVERRATED, OVER HYPED AND OVEREXPOSED.

  49. jake says:

    JT music suck. but its funny how darn arrogant his fans they claim he’s grown as an artist but sings like he still in a boy band his new the 20/20 experience album sounds wannabe R&B soul the songs are just basically poorly written cheesy pop songs that through Timbaland has an 90s style R&B/soul Sound to it. some music critic from ABC news didn’t praise JT 20/20 albums and all his fans were like he unprofessional and ABC news should fire him. JT has no talent all he dose is copy off other more talented artist like MJ and prince. he’ll he not even smart enough to come with his own name for his latest album “the 20/20 experience” sounds very much like an christian/gospel album by Hezekiah Walker called “20/85 the experience yet his fans claim that the garbage he sings is original when nothing he does is original and he cant act at all the only he did well was the social network cause he was playing an arrogant jackass aka Sean Parker.
    i didn’t get how in the making of in time the actors and actresses praising JT claim he so talented when his acting like most of the movies he was in was horrible esp the crying scene in the movie in time it was so darn fake there kid actors that can make it look real. he he did was make some cheesy cryin type noise.

  50. Jacqueline says:

    All of you have to see the performance of Justin Timberlake MTV2013. One of the best performance! and bad news, he is back and experience 20/20 is great and artistic.. It’s incredible.. And he know about music.. I’m a musician and just we can understand the way this CD

  51. Kelly says:

    Thank you! I love reading articles and blogs that show that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Justin Timberlake or his acting or his music. I search the search engines to see who else is out there that isn’t riding his **** or kiss his ***. It’s nice to see not every NSYNC fan (male or female ) as well not every female in the world likes him.

    There a lot of so-called musicians, actors, entertainers (male and female) that I’m not into but he’s on the top of the list. All of the arrogance and cockiness he has I can ignore but when he made those comments about NSYNC and any reunion would be never (not counting the one that pimped him up but actually reunion to record an album) I rolled my eyes and grew disgusted. JC Chasez was and is the better singer and dancer from NSYNC. There are interview clips (video and audio) from his younger days where even Justin admits that. Although I doubt he would today. If it wasn’t for JC Chasez mentioning to Chris Kirkpatrick about this kid named Justin that was on the Mickey Mouse Club with him, he wouldn’t even had been in NSYNC. Talk about biting the hand that helped him up.

  52. jesss says:

    Justin Timberlake is a heartless ass****he told Britney you and me will never be cry me a river but he’s still singing songs about loving her and wanting her back crazy,he publicly humiliated her over and over again knowing eventually she would snap who wouldn’t he just didn’t want to see her happy and move on without his egotistical asd.he’s disrrspectful to his wife In the process he is a true

  53. ralf says:

    I so agree with the fact he used Britney spears degrated her in every way possible he is a sick human being hopefully what goes around does come back around ya know Lol

  54. rowan says:

    Omg his Britney obsession is creepy he needs to worry about his wife and Leave Britney alone.

  55. ralph says:

    He is so disrespectful to woman,he degrated brittany spears in every way possible .He is a poor excuse for a man who is close to his mother she should of raised him better

  56. krystal k says:

    I would love it if Cameron Diaz or Jessica wrote songs about him how he dumped them so fast in hopes to get back with Britney spears obsessed much.that would be great for him to get a taste of his own medicine

  57. krystal k says:

    I also believe Justin is delusional he thinks Britney went crazy cray cus she loved him lol lol lol she went crazy cus of your public torment you narcissist freak who could shake hands with k fed and sing what goes around and and sing you got what you deserve he’s cruel and sick

  58. mark king says:

    So refreshing to hear people speak honestly about what Justin did to Brit.especially after the Barbra Walters interview where he said he wouldn’t “tell specifically why they broke up how clever to tell without telling Justin your so smart no one can see through your bullcrap were you trying g to blackmail Britney into coming back to you and when she didn’t you released your whack egotistical video when you did get back together and she broke up with you so why lie and say you and me will never be ,of coarse she ran from you who wouldn’t Britney did the right thing but she was young and your cruelty did hurt her

  59. prisilla cilly says:

    Wow love the comments people are preaching now,Britney survived thank god and Justin well he has to live with himself and know in his heart britnnay is a better person then he is and that she never used him to get public sympathy or embarrass him amen

  60. ricatdo says:

    He’s a mamas boy guys he don’t know any better.You would think she would of said don’t do that or say that but no her little boy can do no wrong that’s why she said deep down he’s a good person cus she knows its hard to see whenever someone say deep down they know there a tool

  61. evan says:

    You guys are so right if Britney Spears did cheat she had every right to maybe she wasn’t happy or secure in herself it wasn’t anyone business she had the right to learn and grow privately other people right songs about relationships but not with the rage and mean spiritedness that Justin showed like when he killed her at the end of what goes around comes back around that was wishful thinking Justin has no heart but a big ego!!!

  62. evan says:

    But Britney is alive and well Justin you tried but are queen lives ,you tried so hard to push her over the edge because you know of her compassionate nature but she ain’t listening to your guilt trips no more

  63. Mylo says:

    He does heroine so he an muster the courage to look himself in the mirror everyday because he can’t take the Dougherty himself.

  64. Mylo says:

    The doucheyness I ment to say

  65. Halo says:

    Keep calm peeps he’s on his last album how many corny Britney songs can he possible have in him and no one wants to see him on the big screen so he should stick to being a jackass on snl

  66. Lyndsay says:

    Omg I soooo agree with everyone post if he had the balls to do cry me a river and put a Britney lookalike in his video with those lyrics he should have known they could never be together after that and after what goes around ,maybe he’s bipolar.

  67. Lucky says:

    Everyone knows Justin is to blame for Britney’s breakdown when did this become new news????

  68. Kayla says:

    I like Justin’s music his acting is cringe worthy and he conveys zero sex appeal

  69. jasmyn says:

    Did you guys ever think he married Jessica to beat Britney cus she was engaged, he treats his woman like puppets has no concern for there emotions,when he’s with his wife he problem fantasies about Brit

  70. nico says:

    He’s the dance on Britney’s grave kind of guy.too BAD his dancing SUCKS.

  71. desmond says:

    It s so funny whenever I talk to ppl bout jt they talk about liking certain songs of his but everyone always bring up he a douche it what he did to Brit,Janet so we’re definitely not alone in these opinions.

  72. carmine says:

    I remember listening in the radio after he broke up with Cameron the guy asked him who was better in bed Britney or Cameron and he answered all there question he had no regards for respect his ex at all. He totally deserves all the hate he gets and more

  73. Mike says:

    I love how he wrote pair of wings for Britney when he’s the person who has hurt and defeated and disrespected her so unapologetically and yet he’s going to save her ha whT a joke and very sick guy he is.

  74. Stacey says:

    You guys act like you know for sure those songs are bout Brit,but I kind of think so too , but I don’t get why if he truly loved her he would do all those mean thing to her kind of doesn’t make sense but Brit seems like she had a good guy now so good for her

  75. Stacey says:

    I was just thinking if they did get back together and Brit went to his concert she would be like I’m gonna leave while you bash me in your lovely songs babe I’ll be back when there done ha h or would Justin have to admit how f$$ked up he was for doing them to begin with ha ha but she’ll never go back to his ass so it don’t matter.

  76. Brandy says:

    I was just thinking if they did get back together and Brit went to his concert she would be like I’m gonna leave while you bash me in your lovely songs babe I’ll be back when there done ha h or would Justin have to admit how f$$ked up he was for doing them to begin with ha ha but she’ll never go back to his ass so it don’t matter.

  77. Roby c says:

    I doubt he ever thought they would really get back together he just gets off on bashing her cus he “loved her sooo much”.

  78. Courtney b says:

    Worlds ultimate jerkoff he treats woman like play things but believes he’s so much better then them he has the right to treat them however he wants,but still crying over Britney 10 years later and not because he loves her people please when you love someone you wish them well and never publicly bash them a real man would never do that to a woman.Once he did cry me a river and said we will never be why didn’t he just leave her alone after that then if your gonna be so brave to bash her like that, stop crying biotch

  79. Gregg says:

    Finally he’s acting like he gives a damn about Jessica Britney spears must be soooooo relieved her tormentor has moved on. Amen

  80. Not Gonna Say says:

    This guy is a fake and fraud! Everything about him, every “image” or “fad” he coasts through, he is fake. Are people that blind and “sheep” not to see that there are FAR more deserving people out there who have just as much charisma and are by far MORE talented than this guy? He is NOT original and just follows trends. If it weren’t for working for all the right people, kissing butt or the “Machine” behind this guy, he would not be a blimp on the map.

    Let’s not forget that he use to be very “country” with his abilities (he had to have extensive vocal training to somewhat pass as pseudo R&B but even then he hides his nasty nasally country twang with heavy beats, etc.). Also, and I can’t stress this enough, he was a self-promoting media whore who use to participate in “beauty pageants.” That’s right, he is so FULL of himself that he was willing to put do whatever he could to be noticed, lol.

    There are FAR more true vocalists out there who deserve all the fame they had (due to their genuine hard work) like Bruno Mars. Then there are the true vocalists out there who DO deserve the credit but get overlooked due to Timberlake’s image whoring; case in point fellow former Nsync band member JC Chasez. That man can sing circles around Justin Timberlake any day.

    JC has often been credited by other artists he’s produced for or made cameo appearances with as having one of the BEST and versatile male singing voices out of vocalists today. Fact is, that man would also sing circles around Robin Thicke and even Bruno Mars. JC’s got a four octave range. You realize how extremely rare and impressive that is for a man? Yet HE was the one with the more “true” urban/ R&B voice. From what I recall back in the day, he wanted to break off and do R&B first way before Justin ripped off the idea (examples: Blaque’s hit “Bring it all to me” featured JC on their track. No one knew it was a “White” guy from a boyband. How shocking is that? For the longest time people thought it was just some studio singer). The man was THE VOICE behind Nsync and douchebag Timberlake took all the glory from his talent (just like so many others he’s cheated from). If it wasn’t for JC’s voice, Nsync themselves would have been just another “generic” boyband with no originality in terms of vocal abilities/flavor.

  81. Not Gonna Say says:

    Another good example of JC Chasez’s voice being more soulful than Justin’s, youtube.com/watch?v=DVmtBeHYqk4.

    Legend Smokey Robinson wanted JC to lend his vocals in a collaboration. That says A LOT that legendary artists would rather work with JC than douchebag Timberlake.

    At the end of the day, talent and respect overpowers money/soul selling any day.

  82. carissa says:

    Justin’s a crack head,heroine addict who cares don’t see his music or go to his movies people Britney has been smart enough to stay far away from this ish Lol Lol

  83. mike gebber says:

    He’s a crack head who cares!!!!(sounds better than heroin addict )

  84. B says:

    Before you comment and bash other people, make sure you know your facts… Seriously! When you don’t know your facts, it makes you sound inadequate.

  85. Elizabeth says:

    Me too!!!!!!
    I hate his average appearance. Nothing exiting. Nothing sexy.

    With some few words: He can apply for the title of the competition “Most boring average man of the world”.v
    I feel very, very sorry for some girls in his videos, who have to pretend that he is an attractive man. So sad. This is mental abusing and they should go to court!

    Elizabeth from germany.

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