Why I Like Christina Aguilera

Contributed anonymously:

I have been a fan since I heard her sing ‘Reflection’. And I became more of a fan once I heard more about the person she is. Her voice is so powerful and beautiful. I loved her first CD because of her vocal talent, but I was really impressed when she took control of her career and became heavily involved in the writing and production of ‘Stripped’. Not only can she sing, but she has shown she has writing skills too.

People say that Christina is stuck up, snobby, or arrogant. Well, Christina has gone through a lot of hurt during her childhood. It has made her guarded and reserved, not outgoing and bubbly. But this doesn’t make her snobby or conceited. She has never bragged about her talent. She is very thankful for it.

Christina has gone through a lot of pain, but she has come through it and achieved her dreams. And that is inspirational to me. There was a time when her song ‘Beautiful’ made me feel sad, but now it makes me feel joyous because I have worked through some of the insecurities I have and learned to accept myself. If she has already made music as good as ‘Stripped’ is, then I can’t wait for all of the great music she has in store for us in the future. I think Christina is in for a long career, and I will be sitting back and enjoying every minute of it.

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