Why Is Christina Aguilera Hated So?

Contributed anonymously:

For the numerous amounts of flack gets, I have this comment. How can you attack the only young singer who actually has a voice? Britney Spears, who maybe a “good” dancer (by some standards) she’s a half-talent as an actress, and if we are being honest she can’t sing. The lip-synching by Britney at her shows is well known, maybe if she didn’t dance and just sung her heart out once, just once; this mess would finally come to an end. I for one would love an old fashion talent show of the “singers” nowadays. While it is highly unlikely to ever happen, one can only dream.

Christina proved she was amazing, she’s been experimenting, hell, she’s young she should. I didn’t see all these hater’s going on and on when Britney Spears slutted it up for “slave for you”.

Then the most recent essay published referring to Christina as a cockroach and the “”only black female in Hollywood”, is not only racist, I can only assume that’s a reference because she’s popular in the black community, and has worked with rappers. I guess this writer who was too scared to publish his or her name, thinks that because you work with black people you must want to be one. I personally think that with the voice X-Tina has, she’d be a fool to strictly sing “Pop” music, she’s able to sing out more and show her vocal abilities in R&B styled music more often.

We are so sorry that the black community and the grown ups have seen the numerous HBO specials and other “performances” of Britney, Lindsey and these other self proclaimed singers, to see enough slips of the mouth, you’d think they’d at least practice lip syncing since they do it so much..

Get off Christina and talk about all the ones that have no talent and sell records…

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2 thoughts on “Why Is Christina Aguilera Hated So?

  1. °-° says:

    Because Christina Aguilera is a COPYCAT (she always ripped off Madonna and BRITNEY SPEARS…now even Lady Gaga) she can’t sing at all (she actually yells and screams…when I listen to her my poor ears bleed!!!)…she’s a whore…she’s full of herself…she can’t act..she can’t dance…she’s a talentless screaming copycat..that’s why she flopped!
    Britney Spears’ voice is personal & unique (at least she doesn’t scream like a dying animal like Christina does) and she makes great pop music…the last Christina Aguilera album SUCKS A LOT! That bitch failed

  2. The Viewer says:

    It’s because Aguilera commits her own downfall. She is known to be a b***h, and is mostly negatively viewed because of her rude behavior to fans and magazine photographers alike. And her performances are so dirty to the point it even shames Miss Britney Spears (who, by the way, has always been a sweetheart).

    If you don’t believe me Google “Aguilera is a bitch” to “Britney is a bitch” and see how many articles relating to this comes out… Aguilera is far more of a diva.



    “Diva from hell” called by notable photographer who shot OTHER CELEBS: popcrunch.com/christina-aguilera-is-the-diva-from-hell-says-celebrity-photographer-rankin/

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